Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

Jan 11, 2015
tennakeyslim tennakeyslim
Bro why you tell us the females in Memphis going crazy like this? :emoji_astonished:
How the hell Gucci sign them other two when Shiesty folks bucking like this?
I don't listen to female rappers like that, but they hard. Gangsta Boo daughters lol.
Memphis really going stupid right now with all the talent they got.

Memphis got so much talent it’s stupid. It’s just 1 them cities like BR, NO htown Detroit Oakland that’s got the musical history but also ain’t nothing sweet so if u gone jump in it you go full throttle. That’s why we keep seeing acts pop up left n right. Think bout this for example Pooh shiesty makes key glock seem like a seasoned vet and in 2 yrs the next youngin gone make u feel that way bout PS, the game moving fast.
May 15, 2003
CJ Whoopty is going to blow. And y’all KNOW this ***** ain’t good :lol:

after all the stuff you champion :lol:

If he had a southern twang he would have next according to you

Your like 5 months late on this one.

Again, I've never heard you complain about a record blowing and it's "quality" unless it pertains to someone from NY

It's weak

Yeah, the song has been out since the summer. I think early summer at that.

If anything the growth of it has been organic.
Dec 29, 2012
I peeped yesterday

Apparently the Whoopty song was moving but then went super viral on Tiktok and exploded, makes 100000% sense now :lol:
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