Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

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Hot take

Don't no broad want a dude that she knows can't drill another broad whenever he feels like it

If your joint thinks you can smash her best friend on command the better it is for you
They love it and they hate it. Can't wait to show their girlfriends but if you not calling and texting all day they'll hit you with are you with another girl.

I remember being at the gym with my girl at the time and another girl asked for me help adjusting one of the machines and my girl was like all the guys here why did she ask you.

I'm like

You don't even have to act on it. You can be squeaky clean but if you a handsome _ your girl gon accuse you of stuff and that's also why they want you.
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Why limit this to black men.

Any man in his prime years doing well for himself with options more times than not is smashing.
I believe I read in a post I responding to that this was a representation of black men.

Plus I dont care about the others. Let them fight that within their crowds. Not saying they dont do it, I just dont care.
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Used to be with 2 very different women - not at the same time ^^ - one was lacking of self confidence and seemed to be clean and was way too jealous, she even made me a scene for a publicity for bra. One time she has taken a guy phone number. I didn't discover anything, she told me it by herself. So if she was cheating on me, quite a nice diversion to tell me :lol:
After her, I decided to never be again with a jealous woman.

I stayed single for about a year.

Then I met a new girlfriend. So, not a jealous one. At first I found that was fine. But being with someone who seems to do not care make you think about it. Then you realize not only the first one was lacking of confidence but also really loved you, and seemed to be loyal. It wasn't seem to be the one both jealous and cheating on you kind.
And you ask yourself : why the second one is not. She got confidence, for sure. But she also has a seductive side which can make you think about it...
So, not only she could maybe not love you but she could also beeing cheating on you, reason why she wouldn't be jealous, plus in some cases jealousy is a mirror of what we would do if we were the other one, so, quite clever to not be jealous here, or not, depends of the point of view. So jealousy can be a good thing. I would never had thought I will write something like that a few years back. And it's also a good thing if a man is seductive as her girlfriend does not own him like this. Because sometimes when we're in couple, we turn into non attractive creatures...

Both lack of confidence or confidence are dangerous. Someone who is lacking is unpredictable the day he acquired the confidence. And he may be with you by default.
But a woman with a lot of confidence knows way too well how she could have any men. So, if it's the hedonist kind, be careful. A lot of other details could lead you to the reality. Like being kept away from friends, family, acquaintance. A lack of sex, a not cuddly girlfriend. If she is easily agressive, or at the opposite, if she is too nice without reason...
A regulary person goes to different moods, but if she is always the same way I couldn't call that necessary constant. But playing a role. Keeping the control. And the control of what ? If you can not be natural in couple, what next ? Worst ennemies : women searching for a father figure and a dominant woman.

Important are the ages and who dredge or seduct the other one. Dredge and seduct are way different...Being with a woman younger than you, or older, can determinate the power relation sometimes...

Plus the way the woman treat us depends on how did we represent ourself to her. If we have flaws, maybe we would have to take time before leting her knows it...


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Facts. We don’t want no *** no other ***** want. It’s a flex walking in and u see ****** breaking necks looking at ya girl, only comparable feeling is when u pull out some kicks and see ****** breaking they neck looking at em. If she don’t pass the uncle test let her go. Ya unk gotta pull u to the side like nephew that’s u? Then a subtle dap while he staring at her.
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O is really good at this.

Free spazzing on the Hot 97 joint, then going to battle Cassidy directly after was something I either forgot, or was new to me. Case got him, but free still had some ****. I know that whole battle, word for word. Bar for bar. Be randomly rapping lines of it some days :lol:
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I just want what nip had in the stash. No extras. He really was elevating as a musician on his own, and putting some other cats on.

Rather an All$in tape, with hit boy prod.. and features from Bino, Roddy, teefli etc, than some industry stuff.

He seemed to be really carving out another more refined sound at 33
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I just want what nip had in the stash. No extras. He really was elevating as a musician on his own, and putting some other cats on.

Rather an All$in tape, with hit boy prod.. and features from Bino, Roddy, teefli etc, than some industry stuff.

He seemed to be really carving out another more refined sound at 33
It kills me to hear these verses and realize we won't get more. His improved sound was a Rick Ross-like reinvention.
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sounds good, don’t hear a shot, all he said was way before aubrey did the double disc, and something about 40 doing the mix
Scorpion bricks/ album being a brick.
I never put coincidence on Jay, he's too clever.

Drake himself said on a track they talk about the shots they take at each other, I think it was on Survival.
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I'm cool with the Jay verse because those two had an actual relationship & the hov verse was inevitable
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Im cool with victory lap being it. ****** know we was waiting on it for what felt like a decade and it came and exceeded expectations. Kinda symbolic it ended at that.
I don't think that's it. Didn't J Stone say we're getting another album.

Hell, didn't he have a lot of work with Dave East. They could easily repackage those vocals.

As long as they don't Tupac him and have him rapping over wack Eminem beats.
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