Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

Joined Nov 16, 2018
Fellas, Which rappers always seem to go hard on features in your opinion ?

The clear ones are Drake , Styles P , Scarface , Dababy and J cole , but I am sure there's a dozen others
Drake if he thinks homies who's record he's on is a good rapper. Other then that, Styles.
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I mean Pooh Shiesty said " I'm in LA you gonna be chillin with Kobe if we get into it" lol

It's levels though and Meek got too much visibility to be playing with Kobe name.
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**** like this shouldn’t be posted
Honestly, ain’t no fair fights out here dawg. Especially in the streets. Dudes don’t care whether it’s your kids or grandparents. It’s sad but, that’s reality.

**** like this is why I always say I hate guns and rather just throw hands, and squabble. But most of America hollers “Oh, we ain’t fighting no more”.

Stuff like this proves my point about throwing hands the old fashioned way
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This is crazy, it’s like he knows he’s next. But who knows what kind of dirt he did for someone to react like that.
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