Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

Joined Aug 11, 2012
How rich you gotta be to have not been in a club with us peasants for the past decade to not have heard Intro

Hope Meek don’t buck and just respect shorty statement tho
His line was dumb, and could’ve went without. But people/social media OD!

See how he come outta this. He in the doghouse now of popular opinion. But attention is higher than it’s been for him.
Joined Jan 5, 2013
Didn’t think we’d get an actual response from VB, but it doesn’t surprise me.

Meek was extremely tone deaf in this instance, so I get it. Dude’s best move would be to just eat this L, apologize to her family, and let this one blow over. If he doubles down on the “the internet is weird” stuff, he’ll look absolutely nuts for going against Vanessa Bryant a year after Kobe passed.

Now that I think about it, everyone from Hov to Ross should be trying to pry dude’s phone out of his hands. Let the publicists handle this one.

-Edit: this n**** 🤦🏿‍♂️
Joined May 11, 2017
This either gon crush him or he gon come out of this with fire music.

playing a dangerous game with people so sensitive towards Kobe.

But yeah the line itself ain’t that disrespectful. Just wordplay on the plane and gun both being called chopper. Maybe it’s too soon for lines like that and that’s peoples issue with it.

Social media does too much and once that momentum starts...
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