Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

Joined Oct 3, 2007
Meek knew exactly what he was doing. Nobody is this stupid. I’m 100% sure someone heard the line and said you sure about this? And he decided to move forward anyway.
Joined May 11, 2017
Might as well drop said song and clean it up by making the rest of the verse about “legends” and a bunch of basketball punchlines :lol:

double down and make people feel dumb for feeling like it was disrespect.
Joined Sep 21, 2008
Seems like 20 years ago when he had the whole world in his hand. Beyonce screaming free Meek, billionaires fighting for his freedom, etc.

Wonder how Robert Kraft feels about Meek right now
Joined Dec 4, 2012
Meek'll be straight, song was unreleased and that's the angle for him. Besides Vanessa ain't nobody came for Meek except ppl who stay on social media

Alotta ain't been running round the lobby and it shows
They'll probably still release it tho

Putting yo own locs back in = putting somebody else hair in ya head
Joined Mar 14, 2010
Meek is too high profile to act how he does. He just a dumb ***** overall.
high profile don’t mean smart. Look how many IG influencers/Personalities SOCIAL MEDIA has propped up that are completely idiots. Again, it’s ALWAYS BEEN COOL TO CRACK ON MEEK..... but their are lot more meeks out here, than there are not....
Joined Jan 5, 2013
Nah I definitely think it’s too coincidental that it got leaked around the time Meek has been getting some negative attention. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if someone has it out for him either.

He does make it easy for them with his actions, though.
Joined Mar 14, 2010
Y'all ever wonder how the song, line leaked in the first place?

Someone thought this was good for attention and publicity. **** is weird these days 🤷‍♂️

It wouldn't shock me if Meek and Turkey did that whole situation for attention and money. ****s WWE.
That song leaked monthssssss ago. I was able to download it off YouTube before it was taken down.

Fabolous probably somewhere...

Joined Mar 14, 2010
since the clubhouse debacle and this picture, Meek been looking funny in the light.. I cant take dude serious when you built like this and you tweet like a scorned ex girlfriend
This picture is unbelievable and exhibits terrible hygiene, smh.

Bruh legs look like they got cerebral palsy
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