Rappers' old tweets getting exposed . . . a lot of dissing . . .

meek meals

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Thought this was interesting

Rappers old tweets (before they were famous/signed/etc.) from years ago are getting exposed lol, a lot of dissing . . . . Dudes really change once money is thrown . . . can't blame em though lol

Typing in: "From:frown:Username) Query" will get you all tweets from that user about a subject

For example, type in "From:RockieFresh Ross" with no quotes and you get

https://twitter.com/search?q=From:RockieFresh ross&src=typd

He hated Ross lol he wanted 50 to snuff him . . . now he's signed to MMG obviously

Lol it's too many to post but just go down homies timeline:


Lol Travis Scott said TI sucked and that Jay wasn't **** without Kanye, crazy how a few years later he's signed to TI and Ye, producing for Jay's new album . . . lol he's deleting his tweets tho

Just thought this was interesitng

Dudes really switch up
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Like I said in the music forum..

Reading these tweets, these new cats are dweebs.
All this does is confirm my belief that people don't give a damn about you unless you can benefit them.
That's why I don't have twitter or any of these social networks.
I didn't see anything negative from Drake, J. Cole, or Kendrick, or K.R.I.T.


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:wow: at those Rockie Fresh teeets! And these rappers be having the nerve to talk about how real they are! :rofl:

That's it, I'm convinced the rap industry really is WWE. Filled with a bunch of fake gangsters that used to be/still are nerds or something. :lol:

Got me feeling like even I can be one of the hardest rappers out. :rofl:
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meek meals

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Like I said in the music forum..

Reading these tweets, these new cats are dweebs.
All this does is confirm my belief that people don't give a damn about you unless you can benefit them.
That's why I don't have twitter or any of these social networks.
I didn't see anything negative from Drake, J. Cole, or Kendrick, or K.R.I.T.
Or my ***** Dom

I do see that alot of these tweets are from dudes who popped up in 2010 or later

lol look at Danny Brown

Dudes was really going in on Wale tho, like MGK, Tyler, Schoolboy Q, lmao . . .
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Wale really does suck. That's crazy how this is happening though. This will probably happen to me when I become famous.
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Lol seen this about an hour ago a lot of these new cats are whack for them tweets. They were angry and broke when they tweeted that junk now they just rich and fake now I guess
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Wale is nicer than all these weak *** rappers.
Wale REALLY started his major career off on a bad note with that Gaga single.

All of those tweets seem to be in 2010 pre-MMG, before anyone knew about him. And most people outside of his close fans didn't know about 100 Miles and Running, Mixtape About Nothing (which are better than anything those artists have ever done )

So basically, at that point in time most people only knew Wale for that terrible Lady Gaga single. He's managed to resurrect his career but Interscope really screwed him over making him do that song.
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To be honest, I didn't see a rapper on there with an album better than Attention Deficit, so idk why they're saying he's wack...
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To be honest, I didn't see a rapper on there with an album better than Attention Deficit, so idk why they're saying he's wack...
Thats funny part. I've hated on Wale in the past for trolling purposes but dude actually had content in his music that is good.  I'm sure a lot of those hate posts were just them hating because everyone was hating on Wale at the time. Like I just admited to, some people hate just for the sake of hating. Watched dude literally start from the bottom in DC and move up and regardless of my past comments at dude, its a prideful moment to see progress from hard work.


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  • [h1][font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]NO NEW FRIENDS: RAPPERS OLD TWEETS EXPOSED ON TWITTER[/font][/h1]
    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]POSTED AT [color= rgb(36, 148, 182)]05:52 AM[/color]  BY [color= rgb(36, 148, 182)]KENNY N[/color][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]You really got to watch what you say on Twitter, especially if you plan on one day being a big name rapper and collaborating with other big name rappers. Late last night many Twitter users including myself and most notablySargeWPtook part in a massive find using Twitter’s powerful search feature. A good amount of rappers old tweets were gathered…and most of them weren’t in a positive light. Actually…none of them were in a positive light. In the music industry, you really don’t know who you can trust. No New Friends.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Artist such as ASAP RockyIggy AzaleaAction BronsonSchoolboy Q,KreayshawnMeek MillTravis ScottRockie Fresh  and more have old tweets they probably wish they would have never posted.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]After the break catch some screencaps of some our favorite old rapper tweets. Some of which have been deleted from Twitter…or are about to be deleted from Twitter.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Travis Scott  used to diss his G.O.O.D. Music  partner Big Sean  on Twitter.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]And Big Sean  isn’t the only artist Travis  is currently working with who he once displayed hate toward. Jay-Z  was also a target of Travis Scott‘s old tweets…and now he’s contributing to Jay-Z‘s Magna Carta Holy Grail  album. Crazy how the world works. If Hov  seen these tweets I bet things would be different.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]And nope,  Travis Scott  wasn’t done there. He also displayed his dislike of the current man he’s signed to, T.I., in his old Tweets.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]That’s not a good look for Travis Scott  is it? But wait…it’s worse. After these tweets went viral, Travis  began deleting the tweets to pretend they never existed. Travis  must have had a lot more dirt he didn’t want seen.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Yep, you see that correctly. In an attempt to hide all of his Tweets, Travisshot himself in the foot, using an online script that auto deletes all of your old tweets for you, but it also alerted everybody that he’s using it. Epic fail. In the first screencap we posted Travis Scott  called Big Sean  fake…my oh my have the tables turned.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]  Kreayshawn  was once under fire for saying the N-word. Kreayshawn  later said she didn’t ever use the N-word. We all know that was lies because of audio that surfaced but her old tweets are just icing on the cake.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Action Bronson‘s old tweets are reckless. He didn’t like Drake, or ASAP Rocky  at all.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Action Bronson  is currently managed by Eminem‘s manager Paul Rosenberg  but that didn’t keep him from dissing Marshall  in 2010.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Macklemore  didn’t like Eminem  winning Best Rap Album at the 2011 Grammys. In fact, the “Can’t Hold Us” hit maker believes the albumRecovery  could have been used as a Frisbee.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]ASAP Rocky  or his manager Yams, who supposedly operated the account at the time hated everybody.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Is Kanye West  gay? French Montana  thinks so. According to his old tweets he knows it for sure.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Rockie FreshTyler, The CreatorMGKSchoolboy QDomo Genesis, and Danny Brown  all contributed to voicing their opinion of not liking Wale  at one point in their Twitter careers.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]On October 13th 2009 BET held their Hip Hop Awards show taping. Rockie Fresh  wanted his boss’ enemy 50 Cent  to knock somebody out…we wonder who?[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Meek Mill  is a fan of 50 Cent[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Iggy Azalea‘s old tweets were retweeted so much Nicki Minaj  seen them and started a hashtag we think is aimed at Iggy,#yaMIGHTfoolDEMbutDAKidBEENknewUwasAFraudHoe. The tweet Nickiposted with the hashtag was later removed.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Iggy  then wrote some 2013 tweets about being allowed to have an opinion, and how she had a change of heart.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact][/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]Schoolboy Q  once dissed Cam’ron  and  Jim Jones.[/font]

    [font=Tungsten-Semibold, Impact]The moral of the story is…watch what you say on Social Media, if you don’t want it to one day be brought to light.[/font]
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Not shocking, it's about money

Jay wasn't **** without Kanye? Wow, how old is dude :smh:

Much less Just Blaze and B!nk

It's funny seeing marginal and bad rappers, for example MGK diss another rapper

A lot of the Wale hate came from people thinking he didn't pay dues and getting a song with GaGa and being with Roc Nation Management.

And how quickly a lot of them contradict themselves like with Rocky
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Media training is there for reason....u not gonna catch vets getting exposed cuz

They well groomed in this..
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Not surprised. A lot of them can just say it was from a fan/listeners standpoint back then and now that they've actually met and worked with these artists they don't feel the same way. Or something on that accord. Except Rockie Fresh cuz he pulled a btch move and tried to cover it up. That right there just shows you're trying to hide something.
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