Rashad Evans VS. Lyoto Machida Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joined Jul 3, 2005
Did anyone watch this fight last night? Just wanted to know what ya'll thought about it? I won $10 on a bet saying that Machida was gonna win.
Joined Mar 11, 2004
50 to win 27, shoulda bet the farm on it....and there is a UFC thread in the SPORTS forum.
Joined Aug 15, 2001
rashad didnt do jack...except get put to sleep....im not sure that he even landed a punch..
Joined Aug 8, 2004
Yea watched it. Ever since rashad got rocked the first round he didnt know what to do anymore, Gregs jacksons plan failed.....It was all greg jackson'splan, not Evans. They were both counter punchers, Rashad was just hoping for Lyoto to make a stupid move(which Machida didn't/never do) and then throw aoverhand. Rampage will get worked by Machida. Machida & Anderson 2 champions, both teammates with both NOG's in team blackhouse...Unstoppable. Now wefinally have a champion in the LHW division who's reign is going to be for awhile........theres MMA in the sports forum....LOCK. From team Penn inHawaii...WAR MACHIDA! Congrats.
Joined Jul 3, 2005
Sorry did not know that it was in the sports section but they took forever to even fight but I can see y

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

formerly grimlock
Joined Sep 28, 2008
I wasn't able to watch, had to attend this dumb @$# rupee event with my girl, had me pissy that i missed this cuz machida is tops to me...until I got tipsythough.

This is the first i'm hearing of what occured last night, i'm glad Machida won...no hate towards Rashad cuz I think he's good too.

Machida's style is crazy to me, especially his stance...so unorthodox but he's able to come in with alot of momentum with his strikes.
Joined Jun 16, 2008
There's a thread for this in Sports and Training....

Machida is that dude...
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