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Dec 8, 1999
NikeTalk fell off.
NikeTalk's going downhill.

We've been hearing people complain about NT over and over again, and how everyone wishes NT were "like it used to be."

You've been talkin it and now it's time to walk it.

Many of you have blamed new users for NT's problems. Well, we'll see about that.

For the entire month of August, NikeTalk will NOT be accepting new members.

Don't like how the board is during August? You got nobody to blame but yourselves. No "newbies" will be around to take the rap.

During this month, we're gonna bring it back to basics and work with what we have here. Now there are no excuses. Everyone on here will have been on here for awhile, and you've all had ample time to learn the rules.

It's time to show and prove.

You slip and break the rules, don't be surprised if you find yourself banned. If you get banned, the EARLIEST that you can possibly make a return will be on September 1st. So, unless you want to serve out the rest of your summer without NT, you're best off keeping all those clever little insults you had stored up to yourself.

During August, you're gonna see some changes. New moderators, new forums, and less tolerance for people who disrespect their fellow members.

We're not gonna allow NT to become a place where you can't make a post without getting insulted. If you only bring negativity to the table, you're about to lose your seat.

If you care about the board, now's the time to act like it. Mods and admins shouldn't be the only ones who care about the rules. People who've been around for a little while remember what happened to NikePark, and understand why we need rules. If NT is ever going to improve, we'll need your help to do it.

NT is only as good as its posts. If you make valuable posts, follow the rules, and help other users out, you make NT a better place. If you make negative posts, and insult other users, you make NT worse.

No newbies to blame, no more excuses. You've had time to adjust to 5 line signatures, personal pic restrictions, and all our other rules. You better read the rules now if you haven't already, because you better not count on getting any warnings.

Now it's on you.

Make NikeTalk someplace you want to continue to visit. Show people how NikeTalkers are supposed to act.

We're not gonna tolerate the rudeness, the disrespectfullness, and the negativity that has plagued NikeTalk to this point.

If you can't hang with that, we'll see you in September.

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