Ready to Die>>>>>2Pacalypse Now

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not even a contest, hands down Biggie has the better debut album.

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I thought this was common knowledge.  In fact, I've NEVER heard anyone dispute that RTD crushes 2Pacalypse.  :lol:

Horrible thread.  
Now a better comparison MIGHT have been is me against the world better or worse than ready to die
Both albums seem to have the most critical acclaim from both artists
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wtf? DUH. Part of Pac's greatness was that he got better EACH album.

Me Against the World was where he got REEEEEALLY good then All Eyez On Me showed a lot of versatility and 7 Day Theory was incredible.

2pacalypse went Gold and most of the beats were meh.

The only reason Pac was praised for it was the subject matter and how he delivered it, but as a cohesive, sonically great wasn't that.

stupid thread.
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