Real or fake hyperposites and foamposites

Joined Feb 5, 2013
Okay first thing, this guy says they are all legit and he got them from a guy that he met in hawaii whose dad owns a nike store. Thats only for the hyperposites. This guy is selling them for full price and im sure theyre fake. I need help on this though. Hes calling me out for having fake kd V hulks, even when i showed him the footlocker reciept! I need someone to help set this guy straightView media item 452364

View media item 452367


Joined Jul 20, 2012
Fake not really an expert on hyperposites but they seem very off,Foamposites look convincing but that carbon fiber is iffy
Joined Dec 2, 2012
The hyperposites are definitely fake, the statue of liberty's are way oof, and the other cw was never made. As for the foams, they look good to me, but that carbon fiber almost looks like it's made of plastic, definitely get more pictures of it.
Joined Jan 16, 2013
the foams are a legit picture, fake foams have some angled edges instead of round on the foam material by the ankle. but yea stay away from anyone selling below retail
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