real talk b one of tha best movies of all time b

Joined Apr 11, 2006
Movie gets a 10 and two thumbs up. Thought provoking about the rise to the top and downfall of the extremity of an early success.
Joined Oct 8, 2007
I watched this flick way late in life and I thought it was okay. I am a Menace II Society guy and watching that when I was in middle school during when the Bay Area was heavily influenced by LA culture was a crazy thing. Had people wanting to gangbang (the other one) the next day after they had no affiliations to gang culture. Just such a good flick and was made at the right time.

two zero five

Joined Apr 30, 2011
"Ayo let me get a extra water b" My favorite movie ever.
Rico throwing the blunt at Calvin :lol: :smokin . Regina Hall was sooo fine in this movie breh :smokin :smokin :smh:

Avy check. :nerd:
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