Real Talk: How do you become a NT Detective???

Jul 13, 2007
My life as an NTer will not be complete without atleast knowing the steps to become a NT Detective. I would like to become a member of this elusive group oratleast gather enough information so that someone that isn't familiar can see how it's done. Any tips/tricks/advice is appreciated.
if a thread needs answers, you come to the rescue out of nowhere. no questions asked
expose someone that's e-lying. Be sure to have email conversations and or pictures to back up the e-claim.
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Put in work...

Pretty much
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if a thread needs answers, you come to the rescue out of nowhere. no questions asked
no, I understand what an NT detective is. I'm just saying you got these dudes coming out the wordworks exposing cats left & right. Likethese cats straight away got myspace, addresses, & emails of the suspect in question. Immediately when I think of NT detectives I think of the "and inthe bluecorner thread" and all the "NT I got scammed threads". Dudes be coming from mad left field to save the day or just for the sake of humor
It's easier than people think, but here's how why I do the NT detective stuff

How I Became a Detective and Fooled a Scammer!

I first started out on SoleC0llector in 2007, my first transaction on SC was for some Shanghai Dunks on SC, I paid $200 forit through my friend's paypal, and was expecting the shoes in a week from New York, and I lived all the way in California. Well, I finally got my shoes,and they were fake, the mods/admins on SC only banned the guy from SC, paypal didn't help me, no one else helped get my money back. I just lost $200 bucks,and I'm only in high school too.

I was so embarassed because my friends found out I got scammed, then I made a new account and started over and built offeedback, around 15 or so.

Fast forward 1 year later, my friend who helped me out with paypal tells me he sees pictures of some shoes with the samebackground as the fake shoes I was sent exactly one year ago. I did my research, I found out the new user has the same photobucket account as the guy thatscammed me, same AIM address. I had the upper hand this time because I made a new username, and he did not know me. So in his listing, I decided to 1 pair ofshoes I find worthy of what I was owed, which was DS XI Concords (which wasnt even DS). Then I offered him a choice of Black/Red XIII's (which he wanted)and another pair of shoes that I had, eventually he chose the Shanghais (I sent him pictures of my friends legit Shanghai Dunks). We had nearly the same amountof feedback, but after awhile, I was able to convince him to ship first. He sent me the XI's to my house all the way from NY, and it was the same addresshe scammed me with.

So I found a beat pair of kicks which was supposed to be the XIII's and his old fake dunks back. Shipped it to him, andhe later IMed me and said I was full of it, the blocked me on AIM. Well I sold his XIs for $360 and got back what I was owed + interest
. He never tried toget me banned, and our transaction was lost. I then tried to get him banned by composing an email of how he is the same person as the guy that scammed me. Itshowed all his AIM screennames, banned SC accounts, photobuckets, it took me like 1 month of researching him, + myspace picture. So then I reported him, butthe admins/mods never banned him. Then i tried to ruin his transactions by telling his buyers hes a scammer, and I used the email i made as proof. Then someidiot buyer sent the scammer my email, and now the scammer has covered up all his tracks, so I can't track him no more. But eventually the buyer who Itried to help got scammed by him, and now I can't follow the scammer no more. So that's why I dont tell people how I do all that detective work, theone stupid person ruined it, then also got scammed in the process.

So now I use my NT detective skills to help people out on NT, I helped one person before, and I do my best to help others outbecause I was scammed once, and its definitely not the best feeling in the world.

Well thanks for reading my life story

cliff notes
-1st transaction on Sole, I got scammed for $200 (got sent fake shoes)
-Found the user on Sole 1 year later under a new username
-Tricked him into sending his shoes to me first, then gave him back his fake shoes
-Sold the shoes he got me, and made more than I lost
-Now on NT helping the scammed

heres his pic btw, tell him whats up if you see him around

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