Real Talk, who here owned/ played with an Atari video game system?

Joined Aug 31, 2006
- I have an Atari 7800

- I STILL play it
. THOSE games are the true OG's

- MY kids will play ATARI, first (prior to the playing of any other gaming console) FTW

- You must know your ROOTS, on that Kunta Kente status; FTW
Joined Mar 14, 2006
Dang I remember that but seriously I remember the basketball game Atari was mad revolutionary
Joined Apr 4, 2006
i had an atari 2600 with pacman and and game where youre on the moon with a buggy type vehicle
Joined Apr 1, 2009
Originally Posted by Dirtylicious

psh. that's the upgraded one.

PacMan on the 2600 didn't even look like that
Word. I STILL have the old woodgrain Atari.

I remember the stick was so unresponsive on Pac Man that I used to throw it down and go play outside.
Joined Jan 27, 2008
i had that... then gave it away to cousin
fml i had:
the boxing game... (you know the one, with one white stick figure and one black stick figure from a birds eye view)

and that one game where you would jump over alligators in a pond or swing over them like spiderman
Joined Mar 4, 2003
Up until a few years ago, I had the same 2600 since I was a kid. Just got sick of looking at it and threw everything away; the system, games...threw myColecovision away, the games and the roller ball controller, and I just tossed the Adam computer expansion a few weeks ago. If anyone knows what I'mtalking about, you're just as old as I am, lol
Joined Nov 13, 2006
i used to go to my boys house to rock in some atari. Pitfall was a goodie, track and field with the disappearing javlin was always great.
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