Real Transformers for military use? Vol. The World Is Ours

Joined Dec 29, 2009
So i was thinking about machines and the future of technological advancements, what would you think if the U.S had some technological advancement era to the point where we actually created real life transformers. Disregarding the whole story behind the fictional transformers, what if the U.S used these transformers for military use and deploy them into other countries? Would the U.S be unstoppable?
Joined Nov 28, 2008
no because people have bombs that can instantly destroy what ever they want with just a push of a button.
Joined Mar 5, 2005
we already are unstoppable. the reason why we are stymied in iraq and afghanistan is because the nature of warfare has changed. If had a "conventional" war (no nukes tho) against any group of countries in the world it wouldnt be a fair fight. A transformer would not help us in iraq or afghanistan unless it could distinguish civilians from insurgents and then instantly kill them with a laser beam or something
Joined Sep 8, 2008
nah i doubt it if we have that technology imagine china and japan what they will have
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