Recommend me some good music


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I lost all my music like a month ago, so now I have to start all over again... 

I mainly listen to rap/hiphop.. name some mixtapes/songs/albums

Thanks yalllllllll
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I've had Skyzoo - The Great Debater (Revisited) on repeat the past few days. Very good tape
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Pharrell- In my mind album
Talib kweli- ear drum
anything jill scott
floyd- dark side of the moon
kendrick lamar- section 80
big krit- wuz here, return of foreva
blu- no york, below the heavens
common- one day it will all make sense, resurrection, be, finding forever
broken social scene- you forgot it in the people
kid cudi


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Spoiler [+]
Big K.R.I.T.: R4 Theme, My Sub, Highs & Lows, Rotation, 2MPH, Players Ballad
Killer Mike: In My City, Pay Up, Cash out, Players Lullaby, Animal, Burn, At The top
Currensy: The Type, Scottie Pippen, Double 07, Smoke Break
Fabolous: Phone Numbers, Slow Down, Mo Brooklyn Mo Harlem Mo South Side
Skyzoo: Rap Like me, Designer Drugs, Test Drive, For The Sleepers
Horse Shoe Gang: HAM, Four Headed Monster, Say You'll, CHain Gang
Elzhi: Detroit State of Mind, Halftime, Represent, Memory Lane
Raekwon: Scrolls, Rich & Black, Crane Style, Last Train To Scotland, Rock & Roll
Skillz: Celebrate Life, Regular Guy, Going Up, Flash of Genius
DJ Quik: Flow For Sale, Across the Map, Killer Dope, Boogie Til You Conk Out
Ghostface Killah: Drama, Starkology, Troublemakers, 2getha Baby
Bad Meets Evil: Fastlane, A Kiss, I'm On Everything, Welcome 2 Hell
Rick Ross: Tupac Back, Big Bank, The Finals, By Any Means, Body Count
Juicy J: B^tch I Own You, White Girl, Celebration, Shine, Stoners Night
Jean Grae: I Rock On, Uh Oh, Blame Game, Imagine
Tech N9ne: F^^k Food, Strangeland, You Owe Like Pookie, Worldwide Choppers

-Older Stuff-
Wu-Tang Clan: Triumph, Heaterz, Gravel Pit
Biggie Smalls: The WHat, Unbelieveble, Story To Tell, Ready To Die, Who Shot Ya, Warning
NWA: Alwayz Into Somthin, !*@! the Police, If It Ain't Ruff, Just Don't Bite It
2Pac: Ambitionz Az A Ridah, Hail Mary, Amerikaz Most Wanted
Ghostface Killah: Camay, Daytona 500, Winter Warz
8Ball & MJG: Lost, Pure Uncut, Time, We Started This, I Don't Wanna Die, Don't Flex, Buck Bounce
Craig Mack: Flava In Ya ear, Real Raw, Get Down
D12: Derelict Theme, F^ck Battlin, #*$$ & Squeeze
Mase: 24hrs To Live, Player Way, I Need To be, Take What's Yours, Cheat On you
DJ Paul & Lord Infamous: Long & Hard, Lick My Nuts, Drop It Off Yo @ss, Too Deep
Scarface: My Homies, Southside, Money Makes The World Go Round, F^ck Faces
Busta Rhymes: Body Rock, Dangerous, Put Your Hands Where mY Eyes Could See
Jay-Z: Feelin It, Can I Live, Coming of Age, D'evils
UGK: F^ck My Car, Hi-Life, Diamonds & Wood
Puff Daddy: Victory, Pain, Been Around The World, Reverse
Big Pun: You Ain't A Killer, John Blaze, Whatcha Gon Do?
Thug Life: Bury Me A G, Pour Out a Little Liquor, Cradle To The Grave
Common: Book of Life, Sum Sh^t I Wrote, This is Me
Eminem: Infinite, Tonite, 313, Never 2 far
Mobb Deep: The Realest, Quiet Storm, Where ya From, Your Beef is Mine
GZA: Duel of The Iron Mic, Labels, Investigative Reports
Goodie Mob: Cell Therapy, Guess Who, Dirty South, Fighting
Raekwon: Knuckleheadz, Verbal Intercourse, Can It Be All So Simple
Three 6 Mafia: Da Summa, Sweet Robbery Pt 2, Body Parts, Tear Da Club Up
Bizarre: Over React, Rap Guys, What What, Trife Thieves............Used to just copy and paste stuff I had saved to this exact question in yahoo answers
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The Left-Gas Mask
but now the lies are now expose for the world to know 

its decision time better make your choice wisely

will you choose or just continue to follow blindly....

i asked a question, whats the purpose of life? and the response that i got is making money and ice,well, 

if this the reason for every mans existence how come we aint all shining and glistening?

fooled for thought



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Good looks yall, some of these albums slipped my mind!

And nah time, once you follow me on twitter
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