Recommendations for a good deodorant.

Jun 18, 2005
can anyone recommend some good deodorants for someone that worksout alot and drinks about a gallon of water a day.
i like the spray ones but they don't seem to last long for me. i then started using some degree stick deodorant. it kept my dry but would leave whitemarks or flakes. so i then moved on to right guard gel stick, if feel like it keeps me fresh but the gel makes my undershirts looks sweaty.
any help would be appreciated.
Arm & Hammer: '' Baby Powder ''...
it's white/clear, Ya arm pitts don't swet & it doesn't leave a bad odor after a HARD work out..U can find'em @ wallgreens
I've heard those antiperspirant deodorants are bad for your pores. But, isn't that the point so you stay dry? Never understood this.

Anyways, Right guard definitely smells the best to me. But how bout those Arm & Hammer deodorants?
thanks for the replies guys.
i've used an old spice spray before.
it smells great but didnt last long lol
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Old Spice High Endurance, this stuff is clutch

Old Spice stick is the only thing I'll use. Stuff lasts all day for me, even after working out. Gel works great too but doesn't seem to last quite aslong.
Gel deodorant isn't that great in terms of keeping you dry when playing sports. And they make your clothes all sticky (nh)

Adidas deodorant is great in my opinion.
old spice anti perspirant/deoderant gel works amazing. ill use it in the summer like when im getting ready to go out. the next morning when i go to shower,like i literally have to let the water hit my pits for 30 seconds for my pits to get wet
crazy stuff
I tried out a few that you guys recommended and I have to say.......i'm rockin with the Old Spice High Endurance.
its been keeping me dry, doesn't ware off after workouts, and has doesn't make my underarms or clothes feel sticky.
good looks on the help
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