Recommendations for tattoos in Seattle?

Mar 19, 2005
Are there any specific spots that you'd recommend? Which ones to avoid? Thanks in advance
yo momma
slave to the needle, liberty tattoo. I heard bad things about deep roots...stay away from there.
but whats the price range for slave to the needle and other good tattoo places. do they go by hourly or by design and how detailed it is
Team Pacific Northwest​
Ive heard good things about Liberty as well, but my plan is for Slave.
oo206oo is more awesome than you. Don't argue.
prices are generally on an hourly basis but you'd have to go talk to tha artist

Apocolypse is really good (talk to Damon) and Slave to the Needle is one of the best in the country
Team Pacific Northwest​
Depends. When I've been with people who got tattoos, they charged based on the design. I'm guessing it worked out to equate to something you could guage as an hourly fee.
you cant put a price on quality when it comes to tattoos...they are with ya for the long haul.
it would also depend if you are just selecting flash off the wall or if you are getting something done custom

Team Pacific Northwest​
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