reebok ad inspired jordan 'art'

Nov 12, 2000
These are some things i made when i got really bored. Mostly it was during summer break in high school, then i made the last couple just recently.

I always loved the reebok magazine ads for the questions. They're probably my favorite magazine shoe ads, even more than the air max 97s and foamposite ones, which come in 2nd and 3rd, respectively

Anyway, i thought it was a cool concept to make a collage in the shape of a shoe. I liked how it wasn't enhanced to make it look extra smooth or anything, just something taped together.

I dont know if anybody else had done this or something similar, so i'm sorry. But i honestly only got the idea from the question ads (and the shawn kemps) Trust me, if i saw it before, i would give you credit

So here is my take on it:

The xii's were my first one. I really like this one bc it was done purely freehand, i just tore pieces of paper and the ones that fit, i shaped em into the xii's. The iii's i tried too hard with and didn't come out please dont mind those

With the i's i got neater and drew out a sketch the shoe first then tore pieces of magazines to fit the shapes on the shoe. The ii's i'm not so happy with, like the iii's

Now i got smarter and decided to trace the shoes using the picture from jumpman23

oh yeah, and that's my aim sn that i tagged it with, i made this niketalk name a long time ago, and i'd change it, but i barely ever post so whats the use
Wow, i really dont care what you say about them being "bad", but all of these are great. I am really diggin those true blue threes at the end. Again great job
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Dude go to the optometrist (I think I spelled that right) and get your eyes checked...those are very nice :pimp:

and you also read my sig.
Those are really cool, the true blue III's and the black/red IV's turned out great
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thats dope man. No joke I would frame and display the true blue one
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those black iv's are so sick
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did these a couple years back for art class.


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I really like the use of newspaper on the TB III. Great job.
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