Reebok Pump basketball release date?

WOW! I like the above the rim pump

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reebok coming correct with the retros as usual.... take notice nike.

both the ATRs and omnis look great... i still wear my og dee brown ATRs on the regular :pimp:
Does anyone know/think Reebok will ever retro the following? Of course the Shaq's without his logo etc? They would be weird without the Shaq logo but I'll take them anyway. Not my pics.

I found these some time ago on the net. Any info?

Man F da BS, what happened to the LITD Romps that looked like that had a Tron print? I stil want those joints...
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You might see those Blasts get retroed sometime in the not so distant future...

I found these some time ago on the net. Any info?

Those are the Pump Infinity, it will be an on-court shoe that you will see Reebok's NBA athletes wear this coming season...


Thanks for the info. Do you know where on the net I can find pics of upcoming Reebok's etc? Maybe like a reeboktalk :rofl:
lol...nothing quite like that but just keep your eyes peeled on here. NT seems to do a good job of getting their hands on pics,etc.

^^^damn!!! it'd take a pair of preachers, dunkmobs and kamakazis or reignmans...
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^^Good looking out. the all black ones are hot, but they've only got size 7 and 7.5 left. Zappos got 'em though.
I rocked some ATR pumps in 7th grade...the same ones they wore in 'Blue Chips'...they were black and white, looked kind of like cows...they were amazing, anyone know if we'll ever see them again?
They need to drop these again, I slept when they retroed them. I need a Sz 7 in these bad boys.
Nitzki -- For real? Innnterrresting.When did you hear this? I was at Reebok in March and said, "You HAVE TO retro the Blast."

Everyone kinda giggled over my enthusiasm, but a few took notice.

Definitely not a GR shoe to drop, but 1000-3000 pairs would be somethin nice.

Put me down for 2. Man I love that shoe.
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These Omni Pumps are OK. But I would love to see these get retroed.


I want to add this pic too. Found it a long time ago on Niketalk.


I really want all of these. Different colourways would be cool.
Would love to hear from you when these are going to drop.
OLD SCHOOL, those were my very first pair of Reebok Pumps(1990 I believe), man, I wore those @#%$ out!
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