Reebok S Carter BBall III ?

Jan 1, 2005
I stumbled upon these on eastbay and seen that they were extremely light. [11.6 oz]. Anybody have a review on these? How is the ankle support and comfort? low to the ground?
Thanks in advance.
Let me put it this way. I 'pose' with Nike, but I have been ballin' with S Carter IIs, after I wore out my S Carter Is. They are light,comfortable and with decent ankle support. I bought my IIs for $14.98 after my offer was accepted on ebay! I'm still lookin' for some black Is or IIs.
Very comfortable as compared to let's say...any Shox model, Reebok Question and ANY Adidas Bball shoe. The S Carters use DMX foam,..kinda' like a zoom air but firmer with the same responsiveness. Hope this helps.
P.S. The IIs have better arch support(all of the Carters do, the IIs just have more).
thanks for the info. it helped :D
wat the carters do use DMX??? i thought they just used a EVA midsole or a CMEVA midsole, and not like DMX stuff
Carters use DMX foam. The 1st one said it on the back part of the heel, the rest don't but its mentioned on the website PLUS I feel the DMX foam on my IIs. The IIIs have 'em but I haven't tried them, just basing it on the website. It took me a year until I wore out the 'upper'(which is vital for support,the outsoles held up longer than most sneaks) on the I, and I started using IIs for a month now and it's definitely an improvement in support(comfort, durability,traction are great as the I). Maybe next year I'll ball with the IIIs. I do know that footaction is clearing the IVs, but they seem P Diddyish/too smooth looking. Hope this helps!
lol at the idea of dmx foam being more responsive than zoom, and the s carters being more comfortable than all adidas shoes
I can respect that and I'm very much open minded to listen to what you have to say. I've had zoom air in both running and bball shoes and IMO DMX foam in both running and bball shoes are more responsive and supportive towards impact. Same thing with adiprene, A3, A3 bounce, micro rides and giga rides. Nike and Adidas brand shoes are not bad, cause I own them too, but I was asked for my OWN opinion and not a criticise other specific brands. LOL all you want and look up the definition of the word 'forum'. I don't think it will mention criticizing or ridiculing the opinions of others. God bless y'all!
they are very comfortable shoes. the strap is superficial, doesn't tighten up the anks at all, good for keeping the laces from slipping tho. very manageable shoes with great comfort and breathability.
but these are only a lower class b-ball kickz right? like if it really came down to best performance for urself, and not following the hype on other shoes. like would u pick these over the Kobe IIs, or Iverson X or top-sig shoes
i never liked the iverson pumps and the kobes look OK. im more into the classic looks from the 80's and 90's, so s carters are right down my alley.
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