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if anyone knows info where to get a 14, please let me know. My pair is good to go from ycmc, but a friend (huge Shaq fan) needs a 14. Only place I know is reebok.com, but he said they told him quantity is limited on that size.
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Anyway... I just read somewhere that the pump works, but no release valve? Can someone that has these on hand confirm this? Would be pretty stupid if true.
There is a release valve. It's on the top right hand corner of the tongue. It's not visible, but it's inside the tongue. I tried it last night, so you're good!
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These will be an interesting release, 2 (maybe 3) stores in the area are getting them FCFS.  

Not sure how early I will have to head out in the AM if I strike out online.
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can't wait for this order to arrive. :pimp: had to put my og's away last year when the sole fell off so I cant wait to replace them.
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With so many "old guys" in here, Its good to see some of you guys starting to get your confirmations. I got mine from a mom & pop 2 weeks ago (retail +$60), and while I wasn't too sure about the decision then, I'm glad I did it now.
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U think Reebok will let me use a coupon code with these ? they did with the kamikazes.. thinking about grabbing another pair if i can
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These and the Milans this weekend would be sweet!!! Though I'm not a greedy man. Please let me get these tomorrow. This will be my pickup of the year if I can pull it off.
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BAITme.com just tweeted that they'll have these at 9PM PST as well, probably easier than PYS.
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