Reebok x Voltron

Mar 2, 2003
2 out of 5. 3 to go and it becomes LION KING!


Lion King??I have heard him been called LionBot, but never Lion King...

I MUST HAVE THIS any cost...

I am one with no friends nor family......
Satsui No Hadou.....​
Where I walk, i walk alone...​
Didn't the samples have the Voltron crest at the heel? Disappointing.

I was interested in the yellow pair, but the patent leather just looks too cheap and plastic for my taste.
The Court Victorys are the only decent one of the group.
I'll only cop if they come out with the nonpatent toe version. I've seen pics of both, but not sure which one is gonna drop.
Non-patent version

Patent Version
I like them all....except for pink on the Vents
team am fam / team vintage
I'm getting all five colors in at my store at the end of the month. Very limited so don't sleep. I will have the lowest prices guaranteed, as well as much more affordable shipping since my store is here in the USA. So check the links in my sig. and save them to your favorites/bookmarks.

I might be doing phone orders only to save on ebay/paypal fees. I'll be making that official on my myspace blog when the shoes arrive in a couple weeks:
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anyone have more info on these?
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Order and shipment has been confirmed, I'll be getting all five colors at once, sizes 8 through 13. Should be in the store by November 8th. Court Victory and Fury come in whole sizes only.

I will sell all five shoes together shipped anywhere in the USA for $750 to those interested in getting them all at once.

Call 208-424-0315

I will start accepting pre-orders as of Monday October 29th.
My Store's MySpace
My MySpace
My current eBay auctions
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