Refs need to take a step back in all sports

Mar 14, 2005
This is being made because of what has been a major problem in the NBA and because a lot of controversy has talked of from these playoffs from Rondo'splay, Artest, and many other iffy calls and decisions. This isn't just in the NBA but the NFL as well. Quite a few games have been terribly called and youcould just see the favoritism. Best example, 2007 NE vs. BMore

I understand why Refs are necessary in sports but it has gotten outta control. If anything need be looked at by congress it should be this +**% not fixing thedamn BCS.

I'm not a gambler so I don't understand some of the conspiracies you guys talk about in regards to covering the spread and whatnot but it's just tohard to ignore and not think something fishy is going on
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