Reggie Miller and Ray Allen....eerily similar.


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I mean, I knew these two were alike, but this is just scary...

Career PPG Average
Reggie Miller - 20.6
Ray Allen - 20.5

Career 3-Point %
Reggie Miller - 39%
Ray Allen - 39%

Career Free Throw %
Reggie Miller - 89%
Ray Allen - 89%

Career Steal Average
Reggie Miller - 1 per/game
Ray Allen - 1 per/game

Finals Appearances
Reggie Miller - 1
Ray Allen - 1

Opponent in Finals Appearance
Reggie Miller - Los Angeles Lakers
Ray Allen - Los Angeles Lakers

I mean...what the hell don't they have in common?
... I knew they were both clutch players, both great three point shooters, but the way they are so aligned it's pretty weird.

The intention of this thread is not to be a Player A vs. Player B thread, but argue if you must.

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Ray is my favorite player but Reggie was like the illest frail/unathletic/talkative player ever. And he was stupid clutch.
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more similarities

both wore Jordan PE's.
were right handed
Had hair as rookies, bald going out.
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I really enjoyed watching both players careers... but give me Reggie

I mean imagine being his opponent.. frail aaa monkey lookin light skinned dude with a voice no one could love always talkin shhh, but would bust your teams aaa
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Post the LeBron chasedown block and the Tayshaun Prince chasedown block. In their primes though, Ray could do a little more with the handle in terms of creating his own shot though, plus dunking on TMac for the game winner in the playoffs, hanging on the rim and looking at him was beast. But then Reggie had that crazy dunk against the Nets when he hadn't dunked for like 11 yrs then all of a sudden dunks on Kenyon Martin, Aaron Williams, and Luscious Harris.


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Originally Posted by Blazers21NTNP

Originally Posted by Swish 22

reggie's career PPG is only 18.2. where are you getting your stats from?
Looks like he posted his career playoff average by mistake.
Yeah, I did, my fault.
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Reggie led his team to the finals being the best player on that team and unquestioned leader.. Ray was 3rd best on that celtics team...
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