Rekindling past relationships

Joined Jun 28, 2007
Meaningful relationships. Like your boys or homegirls from high school or college or wherever. The ones who you just lost touch with. Not on bad terms ornothing but the ones who you just stopped talking to or vice versa.

Now my question to you guys is do you guys even bother reaching back out to them and trying to rekindle that old relationship and start over or do you just say!%@+ it, the past is the past, and see it as an opportunity to grow and meet new people.

I ask this question because I was looking back at some old pic from high school with some people that I was really close to and now Im thinking about trying tobring everything back together. Just wanted to see how you guys felt about bringing people who fell out of your lives back in.

*Awaits immature replies
Joined May 31, 2009
rekindle with the ones you want.

I'd never get back with my hs boys.
and they're salty ashell I left.

One dude in college I wouldnt mind kickin a few beers with again.
Joined May 27, 2007
i think it depends on what kind of people they are.
i know if my friends fell out, we wouldnt care about rekindling our friendship again.
so i think it depends if they thought it was...worth it or even put effort in it.
Joined Jul 1, 2007
some not all but it can get really weird n awkward bcuz ur into so much different things than each other, it's not jus distance keepin yall apart but alsopriorities and interests in life which changed and are now different for everyone
Joined Jul 23, 2004
So far this "Summer" I've started hanging out with a lot of my old highschool friends, it's nice and when they were your good friends its notreally awkward to get back to the flow of things.
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