Release whats in me/ Besides the Henny, it's eyes that's seen plenty

Joined Mar 24, 2008
Fiends get skinny as if Queens was a Craig Jenny
Instead of diet plans it's crack 200 grams
I pump a G-pack, peeping for where the D's at
It's slow, lookin for Rambo, the cop who got grazed
Back in the days, chasin %*+#%* through my project maze

this is the track that made me a Esco fan


Joined Apr 3, 2009
Shootouts is similar to Wild West
Broad daylight, face to face without a vest

Joined Mar 11, 2001
She do be lookin' kinda weaker now, her teeth are foul
Speakin' loud, peep her style, in and outta every reefer cloud

Favorite song on the album, easily.
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