Relocation from Dallas, TX to the Bay Area

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What’s up NT fam, I thinking about relocating to the Bay Area, little background on me. I lived in Dallas, Tx my whole life a have a 8 month old baby boy and a great wife. I am the business office manager for a cancer center in Dallas I started searching and other employment websites around two month ago last week I found a job in Los Gatos, CA as a office manager for a cancer center there. I would like to get some feedback from people that are there now what’s the life style,  what kind of things should I worry about moving out to the west coast? I don’t have family or any friends there so we will be starting from scratch, if I do get the job we would like to have a place to stay before moving I have to give 30 days’ notice to my employer before I could leave ( I want them to pay my PTO and other benefits) so that gives me time to search for something I don’t want to move to a crime ridden area or a very bad neighborhood. What cities around Los Gatos are affordable? I looked los Gatos and saw that house are priced in the millions so that is out as an option. Also to anyone that has relocated from one state to another what challenges did you face that you didn’t expect.
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Los Gatos is a pretty safe, laid back town. It's an upscale suburb so yeah...a lot of big houses, exotic cars, milfs etc.. The downtown shopping area is a nice, family-friendly place to walk around and hang out. It's mostly smaller boutiques and restaurants, but there are also some mall-type stores like Apple and the Gap.

As far as location, Los Gatos is about 45 minutes south of San Francisco and Oakland, and about 30 minutes north of Santa Cruz (beach town). For neighboring cities, I would check out places like Cupertino, Campbell, bordering areas of San Jose, Mountain View, etc. I'm not too familiar with the housing prices in these areas but it will definitely be cheaper than Los Gatos.
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