Remembering 9/11 ----- 18 Years Later


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I was in religion class which was the first class after homeroom when I had learned about the planes. I remember that it was a Tuesday and when the first or second plane had hit it was 8:46 am. I don't remember a single conversation I had that day honestly. I remember the overall mood at my school that day. I remember I was let out of school early and didn't take the train home that day. School was paranoid about anyone taking public transportation.

News on 9/11 was on almost exclusively at home, except at 5pm, when I wanted to watch dbz to take a break from the news

My dad usually came home around 6 but that day he came home really really late. He worked in the city and we lived in Queens at the time. He had to walk all the way home.

I wonder how crazy it must've felt like for anyone who was in manhattan that day.


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Son comes into a memorial thread of one of the worst tragedies in the country's history on the anniversary to purvey propaganda and accuse people of being sheep, while offering no insight.

You truly hate to see it. Please go back to the Westboro Baptist Church where you belong.
i see we have another math hater here.
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Seeing footage of everyone covered in dust and not having an idea what's going on is chilling. That David Letterman monologue after 9/11 was great also.
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I was walking into my u.s. history class my junior year in high school. I remember it like yesterday. Time flies. Doesn't even seem like it's been nearly 20 years.
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It's interesting reading the posts from people who live far outside of NY and how you guys were affected that day
I lived on the other side of the world and I remember being in school and people were talking about it. Didn't have a clue how serious it was.

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15 years old in high school. The day before 9/11 it was pouring rain, I was going to qcm. On Tuesday I learned from hearing somebody say on a dudes Sprint Nextel walkie talkie phone (forgot the name) that a plane hit the world trade center. I didnt think much, my teachers were shaking their heads in shock, but it got real serious when I came home and saw the buildings were gone. I think like a month later I visited ground zero. Still to this day I can't believe that 9/11 happened. Tragic, seeing videos of the people trying to escape. Rip to all those people.

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...lost an aunt.
fam was stranded. I couldn't communicate with anyone. lots of walking around.
life hasn't been the same. I don't have anything else to say really.

regardless of however it was initiated, it happened. wish we could at least get the skyline back but obviously that's just a wish.

it was a dark day. I wish it could be taken back.

Im sorry for your Aunt man. No more pain. R.i.p.
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So you think 2 planes brought down three buildings???
This guy thinks the incompetent US government was able to rig roughly 300 stories with explosives for a controlled demo in the busiest section of one of the busiest cities in the entire world with thousands upon thousands of employees, maintenance men, contractors, security, law enforcement, civilians not noticing.

AND THEN this same corrupt, treasonous government actually having the competency to keep it under wraps for 2 decades.

People actually live thinking like this :lol:

You really truly hate to see it.
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