Remembering 9/11 ----- 18 Years Later


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Was sleeping over at a friends house about to start the 1st day of my sophomore year in HS. Pops was in the hospital.

Excited because we both had matching pelle pelle or phat farm shiny jean jackets. Ready to stunt.

Got a call from the school secretary that classes were delayed because a plane accidentally hit the Empire State Building in New York (I’m in Oregon so every tall building was the Empire State at that time)

Wait an hour. Schools been canceled because 2 planes hit the WTC Buildings. I’m thinking that doesn’t sound like a big deal. Sweet, free day to chill at my friends house.

Flip on the news and see the horror of a 747 flying straight into a building and exploding. Then those buildings crumbling to the ground.

That’s when the gravity of the situation started to sink in. Then my friends dad said I couldn’t stay with them, things might get crazy. He drove me to my aunts house.

On the way there he was talking hysterically about world war 3 and all these doomsday scenarios.

I’m not fully worried until we start passing gas stations and the lines are full up into the street, with people filling up every canister they had with fuel.

Then I started to panic like “what if a war starts and I can’t get to my dad in time to help and I’ll never see him again. And I’m just a kid, what do I do?”

Got to aunties house. Flipped on the news. More info rolled in. Cool we’re safe here on the west coast. Back to school the next day wit da cash money outfit. RIP to all the victims and everyone affected by the tragedies that day,
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I’ll never forget this day so many lives were lost and family’s forever destroyed or changed for something so senseless.
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air spider 777 air spider 777

Read your story you posted.

I live in Queens and I remember the smell of burning rubble where I live at.

Can't even imagine how strong it was at or by GZ.

I also remember seeing Jets flying all day that day.

Barely any cars on the street, people were either inside watching the news or outside with candles and listening to the news on the radio.
Yea my apt is roughly 2 miles from ground zero. The smell was sooooo bad. It just kept going through my mind that I’m smelling not only asbestos, but cremated human beings. Was just spooky and bone chilling.

And as far as visiting the memorial, I went once and I will never go back there again. I was literally in tears the whole time.


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Might just go ahead and watch World Trade Center and United 93 tonight.

History channel has shows on 9/11 all day today, too.


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Also remember seeing and hearing about the ignorance from folks that day and the following days
Yeah man, one of my best friends is Indian and a few days later his dad got surrounded by people at Kmart threatening him and all sorts of other bull****.
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Still remember to this day where I was

I was a Junior in HS and was walking through the hallways on the way to class and just heard many people talking about the World Trade Center and come to find out they were struck

We didn’t have cell phones at our disposal so we basically spent each class period watching the news..

My grandpa was stuck in the subway for hours on the way to one of the hospitals he volunteered at..

Such a tragic day for all and Rest In Peace to all the lives lost. I’ve visited the new site twice and it’s incredibly sad each time.
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One of those buildings had debris from two 1800 foot structures falling on it AND fires burning inside it all day. Can you guess which one?

The fire expanded the girders of the building, causing some to lose their structural integrity. This led column number 79, a critical column supporting a large part of the 13th floor, to buckle, causing the floors above it to collapse to the fifth floor; however, this could not be seen from outside the building. The structure also developed cracks in the facade just before the entire building started to fall. According to FEMA, this collapse started at 5:20:33 pm EDT when the east mechanical penthouse started crumbling. Differing times are given as to what time the building completely collapsed: at 5:21:10 pm EDT according to FEMA, and at 5:20:52 pm EDT according to NIST. There were no casualties associated with the collapse. NIST found no evidence to support conspiracy theories such as the collapse being the result of explosives; it found that a combination of factors including physical damage, fire, and the building's unusual construction set off a chain-reaction collapse.
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do ya'll believe in math or A.I.

if A.I., science, and math say this is impossible....will you guys finally believe or nah? still stickin to ur gut feeling? let it be known.


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It happened like 6 or 7am pst though
U had school that early???
Maybe I’m wrong about watching it when it first happened and maybe we were watching the replay. We had early release for sure after 3 period. But I definitely remember being at school and in class when I first heard about it. I don’t even remember how they communicated school closings back then lol. Me and my siblings were the get yourselves to school on your own kids. So my mom was gone most times when we got up. I know her job (Amtrak) sent her home too tho. Cuz she picked us all up.
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never felt any type of "unity" after 9-11 like some of yall
i felt more fear for my muslim brothers and sisters.
white people were literally going outside and beating up anyone brown like that in parts of houston :smh:
even knew an indian cat who was a catholic that go jumped for no reason just cause white people gonna white people
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Lived and worked out in SF Bay Area during that time. Usual morning routine: woke up at 4 am to catch a 5:10 am Bart train from East Bay and got into office around 5:30 am Downtown Financial District. Institutional Fixed Income Sales & Trading work NY Market hours.
Bunch of people standing up watching tv coverage on CNBC after the first plane hit. Still unclear what had happened. Even remember saying probably a helicopter or small private plane went off course. And then we watched the second plane hit the second Tower. Holy effing H-E-L-L. Rest of time a blur i.e. phone calls, finish business, chatter. Couple other coworkers on East Bay side wanted to go now. Didn’t know what else could hit and trains could stop.
Corporate decision was made to close and clear. Most surreal moment was running to station, seeing all the other Finance guys flee but regular civilians still starting their day like nothing happening.

You remember where were that day.
You remember the near three thousand people that died.
People across all ages, races, color and creed.
All the other talk is Bulls*.
Best line seen in this Thread was from dude who said: “Never forgive & never forget”.

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do ya'll believe in math or A.I.

if A.I., science, and math say this is impossible....will you guys finally believe or nah? still stickin to ur gut feeling? let it be known.
Also convenient of that meme to only include the picture of 7 WTC when it first ignited :lol:

Not the one where it's entire south face is engulfed and with a 10 story vertical gash

Some of y'all really need to stop educating yourself with memes and do some actual leg work. Sounding like them 4chan crazies.
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I didn't wake up till like 11am westcoast time that day. Saw the news on TV, jumped in the shower then went to work.
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I was starting my sophomore year of HS in Brooklyn. We could sorta see the smoke from the far side of the building and when the second plane hit they dismissed us. I headed home and just kinda glued myself to the tv and waited to hear from my dad.

My father actually worked across the street for Deutsche bank and just happened to be a little late for work. By the time he got off the train the first plane had already hit but he and many others continued to walk to work because nobody really grasped what was happening. A lot people thought it was an accident. He said as soon as he entered the revolving door to his building the second plane hit and the everybody froze. By then trains had already been suspended so they were instructed to make their way towards the Brooklyn bridge. He was crossing the bridge as the towers fell, and he still ended up covered in dust. I didn’t hear from him until later that evening after my mom and sister collected him from my grandparents house, so needless to say I was shook.

Officer Walwyn Stuart (Port Authority) was a member of the church I attend and his wife had just given birth to their first child, a daughter. She was only a few months old.

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Such a crazy day...

...was in my 3rd year at Temple U in Philly.

We couldn't get a hold of my Pop for a few hours and that **** was scary because he was working by the Pentagon...

...I was browsing NT in my dorm that day and remember some kid made a thread "ONE OF THE PLANES FLEW RIGHT OVER MY HEAD."

Some troll replied "did your Js get dirty?"... one found that **** funny.
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I've probably seen close to every video on YT about those attacks. I'd spend hours at a time. Will never be able to imagine what is was like to be there. From the people who just said f it and just jumped to their death, to those who were trapped inside when the buildings came down.

This was one of the more terrifying clips. @ 04:37...:smh:

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