Rendering: Jordan redone

Sep 1, 2006
Hey. I posted this design for feedback a couple of weeks back. I made Some changes based on comments, plus I photoshopped it up.
Let me know what you think of the design.

Personally I liked the old version better. This version looks bulky and doesn't seem to flow as well as the other. I really liked the look of the other one because it was so unique in the textures and the way they flowed and meshed together. Personally I don't think you should change anything at all.

Still, very nice work on this version. The rendering is very impressive, especially the full grain leather texture.
I haven't seen the other one, but to me this looks like some T-Macs or something. Good creativity, but not my style.
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You did an amazing job rendering it.......The textures/highlights and everything are sick...
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Can you post previous...and this one?
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Great work, but It's still got too much stuff going on...
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The rendering looks great!

I think the design is battling itself a bit. You have some great detailed elements (would be interested to hear more about how you reached the conclusions in your design) that are all struggling for attention. This makes it unclear what the message of your product is to the viewer. I think each shoe (espec in jordan which is typically a very clean aesthetic) should have a main hero with some complimentary discovery details. So you can pick ONE of these bold details (intriquit netting, TPU midsole inserts) and clean the rest off of the side and tighten up your pattern. Your topline is interesting, so keep that part. Then you can still use these other details you have developed by using them in other areas such as the heel and outsole to keep your shoe clean looking but rich in details and interesting to look once you take it off the wall for inspection. Just my thoughts.

Think about past Jordans for a second. The XVIII- super clean with that shiny TPU midsole. The XX- clean...with the focus on the strap. The XXI- clean with focus on the forefoot support piece and subtle malleolus molding. The XXII- clean with the focus on the camo print and shank which escapes away under the foot so you will be compelled to see where it goes and how it works. I can go on and on...but hopefully you are seeing the formula. I like what you have going on, but would challenge you to rework this and see where it takes you! Good work!

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i really dont like htat EPCOT thingy near the ankle...its too fusy with the design....just my crappy opinion though...
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