RENDERING: K1x Circuit Bent

Sep 1, 2006
Hey! Here is a new shoe design I have been doing that is in progress so I want to here you guys opinion before I do a final rendering.

The idea of this shoe is based around the art of circuit bending. This is when people take keyboards, toys, or some other electronic device that make sound andthen modify them.
This means adding switches and knobs as well as redoing wiring and circuitry, resulting in distorted sounds, loops and more overall control of the device. Sothe idea is
what if a K1x shoe like the Chiefglider was taken and circuit bent? The sketch I have now is a bit futuristic for K1x, but give me some feedback and I will doa final design.



Final Direction Sketch
Cool sketches.

My suggestion would be buffing up that toe a little. It's a little too pointy.

PS: Anyone surprised K1X apparel is now sold in footlocker stores?

When are we going to see sneakers sold in America...
I like the sketch in the furthest bottom left corner in your concept sketches. I think it has the right amount of aggressive and techy flare mixed with the k1xdesign language. The one you've chosen to progress with isn't drawing my attention quite as much as your other sketches. The design language looksstuck between a futuristic/iconic look and an old school k1x look. Maybe if you removed that seam going across the quarter the shoe would have a cleaner, moreiconic look to showcase the circuit bent concept.

Hope this helps. You've got a good sketch foundation and an interesting back story. Look forward to seeing the design progress.
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