Reputable tattoo parlors in Seattle?

Sep 3, 2003
Looking to get my first tattoo done. Any recommendation on a reputable tattoo parlor in Seattle?
Don't go to Kent Dermagraphics.
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I can't recommend Slave to the Needle enough. Aaron and his staff are natinaly recognized and respected, if you look at tat mag's at all you will generally see their work well represented. TOP NOTCH ESTABLISHMENT.
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research well before you go thats for sure. heard some bad things about some tattoo places here in the south end..seen some bad work as well.
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I repeat there is no better shop in the state than slave to the needle. No I am not on the payroll nor am I affiliated. In fact I don't even have ink, just sharing facts.
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slave to the needle and seattle tattoo emporium (around the corner from Goods)...well, depending on the artist at STE.
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