Request: adidas courtshark review

Mar 13, 2007
ok im playing a charity bball tournament and im trying to get my friends to all buy the same kicks as a team but it seems that im the only one ready lay down top knotch prices for kicks so they decided on the adidas courtsharks but i need to know who these things preform on court before i order them. thanks for any help guys
Cant speak for anyone else but i'm fifteen and all i wanna do is ride around shining.
to keep it succinct, it's the TD version of the tmac Vs. difference is in the traction pattern (i think it improved on the courtsharks because adidas decided to use that crappy double helix traction on the Vs, where the sharks got herringbone, i think), as well as the materials and midsole design.

materials are a step down from the t-macs, and are basicallly a textile inner as opposed to the neopreneish booty. the midsole was changed up and material was removed from the midfoot, making it lighter than the vs. all in all, it's a solid balling shoe.
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