Mar 12, 2005
HEy I was just wondering how these sneakers fit? Do they fit as tight as the 7's or do they have more room in the toe area like the 9's? And also please let me know how the quality is? Do they squeak like the 7's? or what? ............thanks in advance
They fit true to size and they don't have any squeaking noises, at least mine don't. Hope that helps.
Sneakers are meant to be worn not stored.
I wear all my J's, btw so does it fit like the 7's or 9's? cuz I wear size 8 with the Jordan 3's and Jordan 14's Jordan 13's., but with the Jordan 7's I wear a size 8.5, so should I get a size 8 or what???
they fit true to size...umm the 7s run true to size for me also like every other jordan i own. you must have wide feet because the 7s are a bit narrow and i can see why you say a little smaller since there is half a thumbs nail to a full thumbs nails worth of space from toe to end of the shoe. I usually like a thumbs nails worth of space for my shoes, especially if i ball in them. however true size works for me!

i say get true to size (8.5) damn you got tiny feet.
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The 8's run true to size and they don't squeak. The 7's might feel tight to you because of the inner sleeve. The 8's don't have this so there's some more rooms for your toes compared to the 7's.
they run true to size
i think these have the best quality of any retro jordans in a long time
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the viiis fit true to size for me. the quality is ok, but the leather around the toe box is thin. expect some creases.
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