Retros for wide feet

Feb 15, 2022
I need some help. This is a 2 part question.

1. What are the best retros for wide footers?
2. Why doesn’t Nike produce .5 sizes for sizes 13 and up?

I want the Cardinal 3s that come out this weekend and I read on multiple sites that they aren’t wide foot friendly. It’s not worth spending $200 to wear something that hurts my feet. Each site I read, they said go .5 size up but unfortunately for us size 13+ people we can’t get half sizes. I wear a 15 but I see that they don’t make .5 sizes for 13 and up. I have a few 11s and a pair of 13s. So what Jordan retros can I get since I have a wide foot? I tried on some 6s and they fit perfectly. I tried on 1s, 4s and 9s and they hurt my feet.
But that begs the question, why doesn’t nike make .5 for us clown footers? I wanna wear most Jordans but I can’t if they run small and I don’t wanna wear the same models. So if anyone can help me, can you give me advice on what wide foot friendly retros I can get and why Nike doesn’t make .5 sizes for big footers
3s can be cut narrow. I have a wide foot and wear a 12 in pretty much everything. I can't wear the 1s at all as they are the most narrow, even going up a full size. To me, the 1s, 3s, 4s, and 10s are the tightest. 10s is due to the straps under the tongue.
I tried on 1s 4s and 9s and they all hurt my feet. I was interested in those Cardinals that came out this weekend but I can’t get a half size up since they don’t make them for bigger sizes
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