Review: adidas J-Smoov

Jun 9, 2007
ed trying out adidas, so i can safely say that adidas should have gone with herringbone or something related to it: the j-smooves have average grip.

Misc. Thoughts
the midsole is pretty thick and seems to cup my feet, which is good. the patent leather-croc pattern on the white/royal blue/gray colorway i ahve is very nice i nterms of asthetics, and the outsole is made of solid rubber, which should hold well for a years worth of pick-up ball and tournaments. overall, i liked the cushioning set-up, and the shoe is good for balling, especially if you can get these for cheap.
nice review. thanks for taking the time.
"i will slap someone if i ever see anyone wear them and try to stunt wit them" -masterani3
i was never really convinced with the a3 cushioning..i had the kg2s and they hurt...maybe you need to be 200 or more lbs to break them in...
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