Review: Air Jordan XX2 5/8 - White/University Blue-Orng Blz

Apr 7, 2002
Shoe: Air Jordan XX2 5/8
Retail: $124.99 USD ($219.99 CAD)
Use: Indoor Basketball
Product Number:Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Does the Air Jordan XX2 5/8 come with interchangable pods, like the Air Jordan XX2?
Aand remove the sockliner.

Q - Does the Air Jordan XX2 5/8 come in a special box with a registration number?
A - No, the Air Jordan XX2 5/8 comes in the regular Brand Jordan box. (Ex. same box as retros come in)

Q - Does the Air Jordan XX2 5/8 include the new lace lock system?
ASumming things up:Air Jordan XX2 5/8 - White/University Blue-Orng Blz

Position: Point Guard
Style: Slasher/Cutter
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 146 lbs.
Shoe Size: 9.5
Level of Play: College

*After seven (7) wearings indoor*

Comfort and fit - I purchased the original Air Jordan XX2 back when they released in February, and what impressed my was the comfort level and how soft the shoes felt. Although I had never taken out the Zoom pods, so I was unsure of what to expect with the Air Jordan XX2 5/8, being that they don't include Zoom. Much to my pleasant surprise, after wearing the Air Jordan XX2 5/8, I have yet to feel a significant difference between the Zoom (which I wore in the regular XX2) and the Air (which comes in the XX2 5/8). The shoes feel very responsive, which I love and attribute to the IPS, and doesn't seem to wear down as the wearings go by. Another great feature of the XX2 5/8 is the ventilation system, which allows breathability preventing your feet from getting uncomfortably warm.

If you have yet to own any XX2's previously, you may feel as though you're elevated off of the ground a little bit. This is due to the IPS. The shape of the Midsole and feeling of the heel pod may take a wearing or two to get used to as well.

For my first few wearings, I had trouble finding a tight fit around my midfoot, which I love. I finally found it after my third or fourth wearing, and it felt great. The Air Jordan XX2 5/8 seems to be a shoe which would be able to fit various sizes of feet, from enough space to fit a wide foot, to being able to give a more narrow foot a tight enough fit to make it comfortable.

I found the Air Jordan XX2 to fit true to size.

Cushioning - The Air Jordan XX2 5/8 features Air, and not Zoom, but call me an idiot becuase I can't really feel much of a difference between a Zoom pod and an Air pod. Or just a gimmick at its finest? Anyways, cushioning is great, very responsive, also a fairly thick midsole. I'm not going to go as far as saying the midsole is very durable, because my midsole on my regular XX2 didn't seem to be. Although, the XX2 5/8 midsole is holding up fine so far. Cushioning is very soft and doesn't wear down, your feet will not get sore after riding in these for a couple hours.

Traction - One of the most impressive features of the Air Jordan XX2 5/8. Just as the Air Jordan XX2, the XX2 5/8 seems to find a way to find traction even on the dustiest of courts. As a quick guard, there's nothing more important than knowing that when you try that spin move or quick crossover on a dusty court your feet aren't going to slip out from under you.

Ankle Support - The Air Jordan XX2 5/8 is very deceiving in this department. From looking at a picture of the shoe, as I did, I thought to myslef, "Why don't they just call them the XX2 Low?". Well, when I laced them up I got my answer. Once these shoes are on your feet, you know why they're dubbed a "5/8". They don't fit as low as you'd look. This I aboslutely loved! I, as a player, prefer to play in a low cut basketball shoe, but I can also appreciate good ankle support. The XX2 5/8 comes strong, bring the "free" feeling you get from a low cut, but with the support of a mid. Easily my favourite feature of the shoe.

Overall - Even without the Zoom, I'd say go for it. Not much of a difference from the XX2, I actually like them more. If you've been on the fence about them, don't hesitate, they will not disappoint. Even at retail, I believe they are a great buy. If you're a player who likes to play in a low cut shoe, then these are an absolute must!

Who's Worn It?Mike Bibby, PG-Sacramento KingsRay Allen, SG-Boston CelticsEddie Jones, SG-Dallas Mavericks

hey you kept your promise for a review, nice! and nice review.

when you say level of play college, does that mean you're in college, play for a college team, or played for a college team? just curious though it has no impact on your review.

once the price on these goes south I'm going to try and snag a pair. I like the ips, really enjoy playing in the xx lows, so these should be great. One more question: are the uppers mostly leather or synthetic. I ask because I bought a snug fit on the xx lows thinking they would stretch out a little, and it turned out they were synthetic (which I hadn't heard of in a flagship AJ). So now, a year later, i kind of wish I'd gotten a half size bigger.
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I just graduated from high school this past June and am playing on a college team this upcoming season.

To answer your question, the breathable tensegrity pattern, which takes up a large part of the shoe, is synthetic.
From looking at picture it seems the 5/8s are only one eyelet shorter than the standard XX2s. Is that true? If that's the case, then I will need to snatch up a pair for playing ball. I like the regurlar XX2s, but I wouldn't mind shedding a little weight and ankle coverage if the shoe performs as well. Plus their cheaper. :smile:

you cannot change the air pods out in this. that is why it did not come with the zoom air pods.
I tried on the Black/Red lows and still plan on picking up a pair to ball in (after CB34 and Aqua damage).

They felt great, but they ran a little bit big. I would have to go a half size down at least.

The tongue is also quite stiff, so that would hopefully go away with some wearings. I'm still adjusting to playing in XX2 Mids, there's nothing quite like it, but it definitely takes some getting used to. I think I would feel much more comfortable in the Lows though, and really, they're cut pretty high for being the low-top version.
anyone try to change the pods? just like the XXI lows?
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love is taking the air less travelled.
you cannot change the air pods out in this.

Like I said, unstitch the sockliner if you want to change the pods.
The tongue is also quite stiff, so that would hopefully go away with some wearings.

The tongue will loosen up with time and wearings.
Kicks seem to be holding up fairly well after a couple of months of playing in them, soles are just starting to yellow pretty bad, which I find odd because I didn't experience it with my Mids.
They felt great, but they ran a little bit big. I would have to go a half size down at least.

Compared to the standard XX2 and XX2 PE they're definitely on the large size.

Did anybody actually manage to switch the air unit? The unit in the 5/8 feels a little lower than on the others, and if the PE is anything to go by, it's glued into place.
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