Review Request: adidas KG 4

Oct 4, 2001
Looking get some shoes, saw these for a decent price...wondering how they were. I'm 6'1 225 lbs. and play PF & C. Any help would be great, Thanks!
Quick review: Very nice shoe. Good cushioning. Traction is ok. Not bad, but not great because the bottom of the shoe has shout-outs from KG scripted on them. They fit a little big for me. Very well made shoe. Good ankle support. The toe box could might leave your big toe and baby toe in a little pain, but nothing really bad. I would drop by Finish Line and pick them up. They're on sale for $49.98. Print out the $10 off $60 coupon from their website and it'll be like getting a $10 item for free. Hope that helps.
my only complaint is the tough problems like swoosh talked about. I love the cushioning. Adidas did a real nice job with bounce. Def go to finishline, and get them for 50
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