Review Request: air force 90..

no that great IMO. its more of a casual shoe. not much traction, and feet moves a lot inside. go with some jordans.
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go with some jordans.

eastbay has a ton of bargains if you put in the time.

lots of exclusives as well such as reebok questions, answer iv ,and 3 tb's , gil zero tb's, and1 chosen one tb's, and1 rise tb's, tmac 1 and 3 tb's

if that option is not available to you:

last season's elite series shouldn't be too hard to find and should be readily on sale.

tmac 6's should be easy to find.

converse wades are everywhere still

total packages are an okay shoe for a big time bargain price.

i guess the question is what are you looking for in a balling shoe?

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its great doing wonders for me and doesnt really get dirty. overall good shoe with the leather strap. also pretty cheap got mine for under retail
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With the price drops you can pick up a pair of air force 25's for a little bit more if youre looking for a similar shoe.
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