Review Request: Air Jordan XXI

Joined Apr 4, 2005
Please provide reviews of this shoe here. Try to follow the template or organize it how you would like.

Don't forget to vote as well. 5 stars being the best and 1 star being the worst.

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Joined Mar 30, 2004
I haven't gone full speed yet due to my injury. I've worn them to practice in alot and they are my favorite AJ of all time. I can't wait to run games in them. I don't ever pay retail but I would for these in a flash. These are 100% designed for playing Bball. This shoe redeemed JB from the XX IMO. I love them !! They are sooo comfy. The have superb traction. They fit my foot like a glove. I really like the way the shoe is high where you tie and low at the Achilles. This is my favorite thing of the XXI. I prefer the Blk pods. They say they are for bigger guys but I'm 6'1" and 180. When I wear this shoe, I feel like I can play like Mike. It reminds me of having AJs as a kid. It's gotta be the shoes is back. I feel like I got more swag because of these shoes. I don't know what else to say. My verdict is 10 out of 10 for me. That is a first. I bought 4 pr. of these. I plan on having them to hoop in a long time. They better do something EXTRA SPECIAL with the XXII in order to be better than this.
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I agree with 4fitness. The XXI is so comfortable that it supported my sore ankle and elevated my game. It is probably the best AJ shoe ever. 10/10. I am planning to get a few more pairs when they go on sale. BTW, i use the red pod (zoom-air).
Joined Mar 19, 2006
I played in it for about 2 to 3 hours each time and I have no problem with the ventilation.
Joined Jan 14, 2005
Best bball shoe I have ever worn, and I have been around a long time....No ventilation problems for me...Have played a few 3-4 hour sessions without issue..
Joined Feb 12, 2005
I had a problem with the ventilation wearing regular cotton socks. Just switched to Nike's Dry Fit socks and it was alot better.
Joined Mar 29, 2005
the xxi's remind me a bit of the xiii's in feel; but they also feel lighter, less stiff, and the cushioning is softer but still responsive. i haven't had any ventilation problems, but i've only balled in them for maybe 1-2 hours at a time.
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Joined Nov 6, 2005
To me i think the XXs are alot better then XXIs. I didn't feel that WOW feeling when tried on or played ball in the XXIs.
Joined Apr 3, 2006
I don't like XXi. Too heavy. Traction is no good. XIV are much better for bball- I am PG
I play in my Jordans and I love them. I have X-XXI and I need I-IX!!! I am from Czech Republic and here you can't find Jordans, unfortunately.
Joined Aug 25, 2005
I just balled in mine today they were pretty good excellent traction and comfort.
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I have worn the XXI's over 10 times and love the traction..Frankie, have you actually worn them? You are the first person I have ever heard of complaning about their traction. (yes, I have the xiv's and like them, but they do not hold water to the XXI
Joined Apr 4, 2005
Picked up a pair, and after playing in them it's going to be really hard to use anything else.

I play PG, like to drive a lot. I would best compare my style to TJ Ford.

Got my regular size, it fit fine. Probably could have afforded to go down a half size but the 10 felt right.

Absolutely great. One of the most comfortable shoes I've played in, the only thing was a tiny bit of side to side movement, but it wasn't anywhere near enough to have me worrying about my shoes more than playing my game. I didn't have problems with breathability but I was wearing Dri-Fit socks.

Ankle Support
Once again, great. Fit at the ankle is very good but manages not to be overly restrictive. Ankle support is usually not a factor for me when choosing a shoe but the XXI actually made me feel more secure than usual.

The IPS system from the XX carries over to the XXI as well and still continues to amaze me. Court feel was improved from the XX in my opinion which just makes it even better to play in. I thought I'd like the Zoom bag (red) because I love shoes that use Zoom but after playing I actually prefer to use the Encap. Air pod (black). It just felt more solid under foot. The Zoom pod was more responsive though.

Last but definitely not least. Traction was excellent. I was able to stop on a dime, you can definitely break some ankles in these. It was definitely a drastic improvement from the XX's translucent rubber pods. I would say that the XXI's traction is almost on par with the XVIII's.

Comfort - 5/5
Ankle Support - 5/5
Cushioning - 5/5
Traction - 5/5

I would recommend this shoe to anyone who is thinking about them. They're suitable for all postitions. The one turn off is the price but I really can say that you're paying for the best performing shoe.
Joined Apr 3, 2006
For me i give them 6/10. Side to side movement is pretty bad and traction is not better then on XIV'. They are like small sauna for your feet. Men I'd rather pick 2 pairs of 14's then this
First collector in Czech Republic. I LOVE JORDANS!!
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I love the XIV's, but I don't think the XXI's are that far behind them in terms of performance. I like the higher cut on the XXI's a lot because it gives more stability around the ankles, and the traction on these are pretty great. These are definitely my favorite pair of J's since the XIV's to ball in, and the heat/ventilation problems can be solved with the right type of socks just as everyone else has said before. I'd give them a 9/10 or 9.5/10.
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The XXI is prbly the best basketball shoe i ever had, I am a pg im 5'4 and im 13 yrs old.The XXI has great ankle support and THE BEST traction for a shoe you will ever have.Our basketball court is very dirty and from my XIII's ive had those slip a little but the XXI's dont slip at all.I recomend the XXI's for basketball to everyone!

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jus turned 13 late march and im a 5ft 8in,point guard that loves to drive alot... and my friend let me borrow his blackXXI's and i used the zooms..let me tell you.. these shoes are on level with the kobes!!!! these shoes are realli great performance wise!!!! thanks evan!!!
i dropped 26 in our playoff win 2 days ago!!!!
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love the XXIs. Traction is excellent. Wasn't expecting it be that good. First time runnin in these i jammed the breaks on too hard nearly travelled. Love the support in the shoes and dam they are might comfy. still experimenting with the two different pods. still can't find the one i like best. btw does anyone know which pod is the hardest cushioning? i cant stand soft cushioning.
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Anyone experience the Eyelet ripping after playing ball after like 4 games? My eyelet ripped on my white/blk pair and I had to send them back to Nike for a refund/voucher. Now, I'm not sure I want to play in my Black 21s.

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I love the XXI's they have become my favorite jordan.

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How do these compare to the XX size wise? I wear a 12 in the XX, but I've been considering the XXI for a while now, just never tried it on yet. Also, is there a difference in fit between the leather and suede versions??
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I was surprised on how firm/stiff they were underfoot, felt like nothing was there cushioning wise, I switched up to the zoom air bags and i'll try balling in them again. But I know that there is no way they will match the XX in terms in feel underfoot, the XX were truly a unigue experience. The XXI are more like conventional bball shoes.
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I am also wondering how these fit compared to the XXs...I have an offer at a size 12 (my XXs are 13) but i dont think they will fit.
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