Review Request: Air Zoom Kobe I

Apr 4, 2005
Post reviews of the Kobe I here. You can use the template sticky as a guide. This post will eventually go in the archives.

Please vote as well.

I know some of you have already reviewed the shoe and have seperate threads. If you would copy and paste your reviews in here it'd be appreciated.
They are placed among the lightest basketball shoes in the market today. Very comfortable and feel great right out of the box.

Zoom air in forefoot and heel, deliver top notch cushioning. Midfoot Carbon Fiber Sring Plate add spring to your steps.The midfoot also was inspired by the NIke free 5.0.

Feel way more responsive than its cousin the Huarache 2k5, however it take atleast 1 solid wear to really feel the zoomair.

Awesome court feel due to it's Nike Free 5.0 Inspired technology. Yea do your crossover

Traction is awesome on any surface except very dusty surface.

The upper is very well made and should hold up for a long time. But please take care of your ZK1

Ankle support is actually very good and does not feel restrictive at all, considering the Zk1 is high top hoop shoe. However make sure that you wear the right size or some heel slip will occur.

To sum it up, the ZK1 is a first choice shoe for active guards that offer great court feel and superb cushioning.

Those who love to cut and slash to the basket will also love the Zk1 feather light weight and it's low to the ground court feel.

Again Sizing is definitely a big concern. Make sure you go half a size down if you have narrow feet. The zk1 are made for wide feet folks.

TRY ON the SHOE AT STORE FIRST ! Don't buy into hypes, make sure it's right for your body type and playing style.

Cushioning 5/5
Ankle protection 5/5
Durability 5/5
Fit 4/5
Looks -- Depend on people taste. I love how it look with white sleveless tee and black or white shorts.

ZOOM KOBE 1 = The Best Hoop Shoe Today.

Reviewed by Kenny.
I love my pair great responsiveness and transition in the open court the carbon fiber spring plate works really well and very lightweight and confortable!

By the way i'm 6'4" 205 go to the rim alot/midrange player who loves to run the floor and play in the air alot.
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Hotballer714 wrote:
Midfoot Carbon Fiber Sring Plate add spring to your steps

Looks like you don't make the difference between carbon fiber midfoot shank and full lenght carbon fiber spring plate...cause in ZK1 there's midfoot shank so no spring :smile:
I've only practiced in mine so far. I'm healing from a torn ACL. I've tried to move as fast as possible and my traction has been good so far. I've noticed that my feet get hot fast. I've only played in the Blk/Maize. I think they are very comfy and I'm happy so far but I can't wait to go full speed.
They make me feel like I can hoop better by looking at them on my feet so that is a + right off the bat.
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I guess 8.5 out of 10 so far.
great shoe, the only problem i have is my ankle does have some movement when i make a fast cut, other than that this is one of the greatest shoes i've played in. I give it 9/10
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Like most people I got a half size smaller. Definitely provides better fit.

Excellent. Felt a little heel slip to start but it went away quickly. Transition was decent, not as good as the 2K5 in my opinion but not horrible by any means. They felt surprisingly light on my feet too. The relatively high cut didn't bother me. Stability is great as well. The outrigger does it's job.

Great cushioning in my opinion. Good responsiveness in both the heel and forefoot.

Traction was excellent laterally, but not as good front to back.

Ankle support
I felt secure and thought ankle support was good but considering the cut of the shoe, could have been a little better.

Overall, buy it if your looking for good cushioning, above average traction and good court feel.

I'd have to rate the Zoom Kobe I a 4.5 out of 5.
Hmmm ... I'm thinking of moving away from my Lebron 2's.

Can't decide between ZK1's or Lebron 3's or Jordan 21's.


Thanks for the reviews. And Nick, have you played in the LB2? I'm pretty much the exact size as you minus an inch in height and about 5-10 lbs on a good day. Just trying to see how the two compare because I'm in love with my LB2's but I sprained my ankle three straight times so I'm starting to get a littttttttle pissed.

alright, ive been using these shoes for a while. ill show you my full review.

people say i have a lamar odom type game.

Comfort: 9/10
from what ive read, the azk1's have zoom air in heel and in the forefoot. After trying them on, it seemed a bit stiff and hard. But after walking them out and playing in them for a few hours, the zoom air gets extremely soft, foot bruising and hurting is minimal in these shoes. Before these shoes, i played in Shox Mtx which only had phylon. So i could tell a HUGE difference between comfort.

Traction: 10/10
i dont recall any slipping in this shoe, traction is superb. ive played ~10 full length games and 9 three hour practices in this shoe and i've never had problems with this shoe. In the past, ive had problems with slipping on jab steps ,footstrikes, changes of direction. This shoe gets my vote because now , any movement of my foot will not cause my to slip on the hardwood.

Fit: 8/10
honestly, i was a BIT dissapoint with the fit. i love the tight feel of a shoe. The hole on the back made putting your foot into the shoe very easy. But my ankle felt too loose eeven when i tied it tight. My shox mtx gave me that ankle tightness.

Responsiveness: 9/10
extremely responsive but im not sure if carbon fiber had anything to do with it. the low profile zoom air blends response and comfort exceptionally. I have the same needs all of you need. When i step, i want the shoe to move with me, and i want it to feel like it apart of me. You wont be dissapointed with this shoe.

Overall: 9/10
You wont be dissapointed. Everything is pretty much great in this shoe.

I hope this helps.
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That is some funny stuff
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love em. very light, very comfortable, flexible, great for balling
"Love me or hate me, it's one or the other. Always has been. Hate my game, my swagger. Hate my fadeaway, my hunger. Hate that I'm a veteran. A champion. Hate that. Hate it with all your heart. And hate that I'm loved, for the exact same reasons."
I've experienced heel slip on the first wearing. Does it improve over time? Thanks
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^^^Here's a little tip that some people might not have noticed which might help (not by a lot though) heel slippage. In addition to putting the laces through the two triangles at the top of the shoes, also put the laces through the leather strap that has the Kobe logo just like how the laces at the middle of the shoes go underneath the strap with the all-star or crosshair. Some people may not have noticed that it's a strap instead of directly embroidered into the tongue. Lacing the Kobe's this way could make a little difference in securing your ankles. I don't think it makes the biggest difference in the world, but it helps just a little bit and also looks better since the logo isn't covered up :smokin

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i just said what people said about me man. i do play with people who are 5'2 but also people who are taller than me. i mean im only 13 ! you cant expect me to be over 6'0 already. around my age and height im considered to be a forward/guard.
they're one of the best shoes i've ever worn... excellent cushioning... very light... good build quality... zoom air is very responsive... good ankle protection... good traction... lockdown is nice, no heel slippage if you use all the holes, the tongue, and the two triangles... the MPLS version is not advisable to be played outdoors... they'll end up dusty... i just can't wait to play in them again... definitely worth the money... 6'1 G-F 195lb
How do theese shoes fit at the toe? I went out and played for the first time in years the other day and bruised the hell outta my toes in some Air Penny 1's. I was thinking about getting these. Also, is going down a size recommended? I wear a 12 normally (11.5 in XII,VII,VIII). Thanks.
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^^^ the shoes have a wide toe...

feels all right to me... depends on your foot really... i've bruised my toes too a few years back in the AJ XVI .... yep... going down half a size helps... i usually wear 12.5-13 but i took the 12s... try them on (with thick socks, to be sure) at the store before u buy them... hope this helps... :D

'Preciate it.
Looking for DS/NDS: Barkley Godzilla 11.5 or 12
Jordan IV (cement or blk/red), XI (concord or blk/red) sz 12
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