Review Request: Crazy 8 vs. Crazy 1

May 15, 2006
I really wanted a pair of Crazy 1's but they are pretty hard to find, on the other hand the crazy 8's are almost just as easy to find with their psycho colors. Which shoe is better and how is the performance relative to any other shoe?
Crazy 8 has better court feel and feels like a more mobile, guard oreinted shoe. Cushioning is ok, but will wear out quicker than Crazy 1. Traction is only about 7.5/10, herringbone but not much of it. Crazy 8 feel better comfort-wise initially, but after three or four wearings they stretch out, where the Crazy 1 is almost Posite like in it forms to your foot and fits better after three or four wearings. Crazy 1 starts off feeling narrow, but the padding inside is just conforming to yuor foot. Crazy 1 has better traction and feels almost Zoom-loke in the cushioning.
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