Reviews for Balling in CDP 9s CDP 12s or CDP 13s?

Joined Feb 6, 2008
Anyone have any reviews for any of the following: CDP 9s CDP 12s or CDP 13s?

Thanks in advance.
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My 2002 IXs have pretty much no cushioning at all.

I doubt the CDP version is any better... you may want to invest in new insoles.

On the upside the inner bootie and lacing system provided a very suppotive fit.

You may experience some ventilation problems... and traction is somewhat lacking.

Again... that's a general guideline based on the 2002 version.
Joined Feb 6, 2008
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no help here but does that sig really work ?
i'm curious as well....
You must complete 1 offer and then reffer 5 people to do the same. Its really easy.

is it free tho
yes its free. And thanks for the review on the 9s. The seem pretty bad for balling I guess.
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I have used my cdp 12s for ball and they are pretty comfy however they're nothing close to my black/red XII's that dropped in 03' or 04'
Joined Jan 19, 2009
i balled in my cdp 12's, there just like the rising suns and others that just released. nothing special.
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