RFX45... This cannot be you.

Joined Jul 1, 2009
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:wow: I always thought you would be like a professor type looking dude from your posts especially in the Dressing Better thread.. cant believe your inked up and look like a rockstar( I'm not insulting you by the way) Just more shocking than finding out Blink is black
Joined Mar 25, 2004
I always thought dude was Asian. This isnt very thread worthy btw and its kind of creepy.
Joined Apr 26, 2008
RFX doesn't have tats though....
Thread is mad creepy.
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Joined Aug 1, 2009
Lol @ this thread.

I pictured the guy to look like this but without the tattoos. Oh and thrown in some rectangular framed glasses.
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Joined Jul 8, 2005
Doubt that's him...I always imagine that he worked in the fashion industry or was from a wealthy family.
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