**Rhode Island NT'ers where you at!!!***

Dec 18, 2005
I'm from RI there is only one place to cop jordans but it is still a great place. But I just wanted to know if they are any other NT'ers from RI.
right here dude. i am from warwick. their are a few spots i get shoes: expressions,footlocker,footaction,champs, eb-lens,

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From cranston livin up near boston now. I miss RI
Only Mike puts up numbers like these, and he's no longer playin but neither am i
Living in Woonsocket, Coppin from Expressions, Gellers, Concrete Wave, and the regular mall spots. Don't sleep on City Sports either........
i know of quite a few nt'ers at URI but they dont post very often
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Im from the bucket but i been in florida for a few years...anyone got some black/carolina blue 5s they tryin to come off?
used to live down in Rhode Island, but now up in Vermont. i went from living 5 minutes from the ocean, to snow in october
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ayo once and for all...someone tell me whats raelllly reallyt good in RI..it jsut seems very quiet..
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Any 'mom and pop' stores at all? I wear an 8 and I'm lookin' to cop some older stuff when I am up there next week? Help a brotha out mane.
Just a heads up there is going to be a Jordan III (all 3) midnight release at Savon Shoes (1720 Mineral Spring ave North Providence) tonight.
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