Apr 19, 2007
HENRY Presents...

Photographs by PHIL BOWNE

First Friday, August 3, 2007
7 PM - 11 PM
All Ages - Free


212 West Broad Street
b/t Madison & Jefferson
Richmond, Virginia 23220


This weekend - Friday, August 3 through Sunday, August 5 is NO SALES TAX WEEKEND in Virginia!!!

Be sure to make your rounds and hit up your favorite spots to save on everything in the store!!! You can start your weekend savings at HENRY for First Friday!!!


212 W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23220
Born in Sweden in 1973, raised in Chamonix, France, informally trained in Brooklyn, NY and now residing in Vermont, Barnaby Whylde & Henry present his first Richmond show...Fauxtografia.​
212 W Broad St
b/t Jefferson & Madison
Richmond, VA 23220
804 344 5315
Anyone hit up that Ghostface show at VCU last weekend? Haven't heard anything bout it. Was it aiight?
Peace and blessings. Here's a bone for you all. 50% OFF EVERYTHING this weekend at HENRY! This means everything in the store - outerwear, fleece, tees, denim, sneakers - everything. Well, the consignment items will NOT be on the floor. We may be crazy, but we ain't stupid! All new product though! We're even gonna do an additional 50% off the sale stuff! What?! But seriously, this would be a good time to get that new winter coat, layered with a fresh hoody and some jeans that break just right on some new kicks?! Oooooooo! This weekend - Saturday, November 3 and Sunday November 4! Don't sleep! You can peep pics of product in our myspace pics and blogs. Add us as a friend!

Inspired from the 80's cartoon show, Voltron, Reebok has dropped the Voltron Collection or the Lion Force Pack. With a total of five styles, each one represents each lion and comes with the related Voltron lion. Collect all five and become the Defender of the Universe! Phone orders are welcome.

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A great man once said "the reason for the season is pleasin'" and I can think of no better phrase to describe our sale this coming weekend aHospitality.

Sales like this come but once a year. Stock up for winter. Buy your bud something fresh for christmas so youre not embarassed to be seen with him at thechristmas party. We've got all the brands you love. you even might find some deals on stuff you didnt even know we had!

Remember sales come and go but friends are forever, why not show that you care.

Happy Holidays

and MASH Video
I know the barrage of new product posts can get old, however I felt obligated to share these little gems with you.
It's that time of the month again! This Friday is FIRST FRIDAY! We'll be showing new drawings from EMERALD GRIPPA AND WILLIAM GAYNOR. Also, HENRY has received mad new, holiday product from the likes of Stussy, Reebok, Vans, Adidas, Mishka, J Money, King Stampede, Lemar and Dauley and others! Peep Da Space profile's blog and pics! See you Friday! -HENRY
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