RIP Esai Lopez...

Dec 26, 2005
just wanna say RIP and all my prayers go out 2 the lopez family...Was a victim of a Dumbass Hit n Run Crime....
In Gaithersburg Area

Teenage Pedestrian Killed in Derwood Hit & Run
Wednesday August 01, 2007 6:04pm Posted By: Markham Evans

Derwood, Md. - Montgomery County Police are investigating a fatal hit & run crash that killed a teenaged pedestrian Tuesday night in Derwood.

Investigators say officers responded to the report of a person hit by a car around 9:30 p.m. in the area of Redland Road and Muncaster Mill Road.

The victim, identified as 17-year-old Esia Lopez, was flown to Baltimore's Shock Trauma Center where he was later pronounced dead.

Investigation believe Lopez was crossing the northbound lanes of Redland Road when he was struck by a silver, newer-model, four-door BMW 5 series. Police say Lopez was not in a crosswalk.

The driver is believed to be a white male who is reported to have stopped and then fled from the scene.

Police suspect the car sustained front-end, hood and/or windshield damage.

Police ask anyone withe any information to call them at 301-279-8000 (nights) or 301-840-2435 (days).
I just found this out a few hours ago...
I used to always see him walking around the way and I would pick him up and take him to where he needed to be. I didn't want him to be hanging out on the street. It's a shame that his life was taken this way.
The good truly do die young.
R.I.P Esai Lopez, you will always be missed. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
double LA

@ dude fleeing
Heard about last night also its a damn shame. Cops were deep as hell passing out flyers looking for dude on Redland last night. RIP too many heads from Magruder dying
damn...i passed by that niight around 11 and it was all closed out down friend was tellin me it was her friends lil bro i was like damn...why is it that a lot of people from magruder get hit...couple years back theres were 2 other incidents friom kids from magruders...RIP
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Man i feel sorry for the kids round the way/ they seemed very upset and fustrated yesterday...i was up at the center last night when i heard about this...its a damn shame....

im sure there would be some type of vigil or counseling at the center...
I'm sorry but who was he?...

Was he part of NT?


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I know these pictures are kinda tacky....
but I had to do it for Esai, he was a great guy.

thats too bad to hear. i dont understand how somebody could just drive off like that. such a coward move.
yea man its a damn shame RIP to him and my sympathy goes out to his brother and the rest of the Lopez family |I
wow. condolences to his friends and family here on NT and at home.
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