River Phoenix's last film to finally be completed, released in 2012

Jul 14, 2003


River Phoenix's Last Film to Finally be Completed, Released in 2012

Eighteen years after his death, River Phoenix is about to appear onscreen one last time. George Sluizer, who was directing Phoenix in his final role in Dark Blood at the time of Phoenix’s death, has announced that he will finally complete the picture for release in 2012. More details after the jump.

The acclaimed star of such films as Stand By Me, My Own Private Idaho, and Running on Empty, 23-year-old Phoenix was one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars when he died of a drug overdose outside Los Angeles’ Viper Room nightclub in 1993. He had been close to wrapping Sluizer’s drama, about a hermit (Phoenix) living on a nuclear test site in the desert. When a glamorous Hollywood couple (Judy Davis and Jonathan Pryce) enter his orbit, he falls into a troubled relationship with the wife.
Sluizer told The Hollywood Reporter that following Phoenix’s death, he initially hid the Dark Blood footage in fears it would be destroyed. Now, nearly two decades later, he has made new edits and adjustments and expects to release a final cut next year. Among the changes he’s had to make are the use of voiceover, for which he plans to ask Phoenix’s younger brother Joaquin Phoenix to help. “The voices of both brothers are very much alike,
Apr 9, 2004

Time to break out your media-bashing stick.
[h1]Joaquin Phoenix and family deny involvement in the completion of River Phoenix's last film[/h1]
by Sara Vilkomerson

Reports surfaced yesterday that River Phoenix’s last unfinished film, Dark Blood, wasto be completed after 18 years. The late actor was still in the midstof shooting the movie — a thriller about a couple in a desert,co-starring Judy Davis — with director George Sluizer (best known for1988′s Spoorloos/The Vanishing) when he passed away in 1993at the age of 23. Sluizer reportedly said he was still in touch withthe Phoenix family, and that he planned to ask River’s brother, actorJoaquin Phoenix, to provide the voiceover for River’s character.
This was apparently news to JoaquinPhoenix and family, as the actor’s rep has released the followingstatement to EW: “Despite George Sluizer’s claim that he has beencommunicating with River Phoenix’s family in regard to releasingRiver’s last film, Joaquin Phoenix and his family have not been incommunication with the director nor will they participate in any way.
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