Road Trip Time. Need Suggestions. Vol. Coast to Coast

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Yo NT family,

I'm moving from Washington State to Washington DC next Monday. Me and my boy are driving over there and takin our sweet time. We'll probably take I-90 the whole way so any suggestions for sites, restaurants, bars, etc. are much appreciated. I think we'll be hitting Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC. We're gonna try to hit the major cities in the midwest.

Thanks in advance.
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Goodluck. My dad and older brother did this route one time during the middle of winter. They got hit hard in the Midwest area. 

You should be fine though. 
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Coeur d'alene is a dope looking city that you'll pass through. Lots of fine white girls running around there in the summer. Heard rumbling that the KKK may still exist there, but have no idea if its true, so if you're black be cautious?

Montana is pretty stale and redundant, but I would stick to the bigger cities if you're looking for night life. Bozeman is a fun little college town, but that's well outta the way. Montana never ends it seems, but you'll recognize why they call it big sky. I'm buying a house there at some point. It's beautiful country along some spots.

South Dakota isn't anything exciting but they have a few tourist traps along the way that can be neat. Wall Drug, SD is most specifically what I'm referring to. Apparently, there's signs for it in China stating the distance to Wall Drug. It's highly marketed along I-90 from a certain point as well, but it's much ado about nothing. Still don't really get it, but it's a big hit they say. Sturgis is an interesting town with some weirdos, but it's a culture shock. Should be prepping for the bike rally around now. Rushmore is off the beaten path.

You'll dip through Wyoming, but it's not for long so I don't know if you'll stop. I just remember passing a spot that just looked orange (the dirt). Careful in Cheyenne. I got a ticket there. I was speeding legitimately though.

Basically, high-tail it to Minneapolis and hit up NT again for the hot spots there. It's a pretty long/boring drive after awhile.

Anything entering Wisconsin and beyond I haven't done, so I don't know.Probably could be more help, but my drive was goal-oriented and not leisure so I didn't look much for things to do or see.
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