Aug 1, 2004
Sorry if this topic has already been posted, I don't go to this forum that often.

Are there any decent spots in the Bay Area to take your girl? Restaurants? Scenic areas that look gorgeous at night?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to win back my girl. :wink:

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Embarcadero, Pier 39, Union Square, the park area near the Metreon, twin peaks, the Cheesecake factory, and the top of nob hill. That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now. But that's all in Frisco btw.
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Any of those places have a WOW factor? Something that will take her breath away? Coit tower at sunset? maybe?
"... I write my verses in the bathroom, so I know they the ----."​
Twin peaks is a def. at night. great view and very cold so you can get all close. Pier 39 nice walking at night.

basically what people named alreaddy.
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Twin Peaks is awesome. but really freakin cold. i mean cold. but really nice view and chill spot at night.
Coit Tower holla!
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bay area holla.
HP, The Tenderloin, down Broadway around the Chinatown area and heading down towards the bay.

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Twin peaks sounds like a good place to go. I've never been there so i have a couple of questions. I read on wiki that there's a parking lot there. Is it gonna be hard to find parking there, since it is SF? and how is the drive going there? Anything i should know about before i decide to bring my girl there? thanks
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^^^ Bring a thick jacket and don't go on the late on the weekend cuz people like to be stupid up there. Parking is never really a problem at all.
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best place to take ya girl in SF is actually treasure island.. take the bay bridge like your heading out to oakland.. and exit treasure island and when you get down by the get make a U-turn and park in the parking lot facing SF.. best time to go is at sunset or night when all the buildings and lights are on.. hopefully you wont have to go home to get the party started..
golden gate bridge just bring a big jacket
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the glass elevator in the hotel in union square. just try not to get queasy going up and down haha.
I'm going to put you up on game my friend. This is it . Take your girl to Baker beach. Point to robin williams crib on the corner as you park your car. Walk down the steps to the beach and listen to the ocean as you kiss her lips, while you pause and say look how pretty the golden gate bridge looks.
I'm a big fan of Sutro Park.
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Deja Vu is a nice place to go for some drinks and casual entertainment! The service there is PHENOMENAL!

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Treasure Island is your best bet.

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